22 April 2014

Data Centre Denial of Access

We are sorry to announce that there has been an incident with our data centre this morning which has caused a temporary denial of access to the servers we use. The incident is caused by an attack on the internet. Our data centre has temporarily blocked server access in order to protect client information whilst the threat is assessed and eliminated.

We have been in urgent communications with the centre regarding this and we expect another update at 2 this afternoon at which point we hope to have an estimated switch on time.

In addition to the effect on our servers, the incident has also left our internet and phone lines severely affected. This is preventing us from communicating via our support lines and social media outlets.  

Our apologies again for this inconvenience, we are assured that the data centre are doing all they can to switch the systems back on as are we to chase them about this. We are handling this incident with the upmost immediacy and will inform you ASAP when the issue is resolved.

For all enquiries regarding this please email our support team on support@paritor.co.uk.

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