9 January 2014

What Does Cloud Computing Mean for Ensemble?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Cloud Computing” a lot over the last year, usually coupled with the words “revolution” or “security”. But what are we all banging on about and what’s it going to mean for our customers now and in the future?

 Cloud Computing is the phrase used to describe a way of storing and accessing your data. Instead of accessing your information from your computer’s hard drive or a hard drive in your office network, using the cloud means accessing your information over the internet. Although many of us were initially sceptical, it turns out that using the Cloud is actually a much securer and more flexible way for businesses to operate. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, recent estimates suggest that the cloud computing market is on its way to generating $100 billion a year, and McKinsey & Co estimated that a whopping eighty percent of large companies surveyed in North America are either looking at, or currently using cloud services. In fact, Cloud Computing is such an expanding technology that you may already be using it. Systems like the email service Microsoft 365, Hotmail and other things such as Sales Force are all Cloud hosted solutions.

At Paritor we’re pleased to say that cloud computing is opening up a world of possibilities for our customers. Already, through tools such as Ensemble Live, we’re able to help customers change the face of their organisation and work more collaboratively with parents and teachers. Using remote access, our customers can give certain users access to the running of their organisations. For example, teachers at one of our Music Services are now completing their registers and time sheets from within a lesson using iPad technology. This opportunity is improving both teacher/parent experience and business efficiency. By using the Cloud we are being given a new way to look at managing an organisation, one in which collaboration and flexibility are key. This is a very exciting prospect for us at Paritor and one which we feel will be of benefit to our customers as we move forward together with the next generation of Ensemble.

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