15 January 2014

How Ensemble Live is Helping Music Teachers

Teachers are central to any tuition organisation. The office rely on a flow of information from them to stay up to date with pupil progress, invoicing, attendance and other factors and the organisation rely on them to deliver engaging and high quality lessons. Ultimately making your teacher's lives easier is essential in creating a successful tuition organisation. That's where we come in.
With years of experience in the music tuition management sector we have engineered our administration system to work not only for office teams, but also for front of house users. This process has led to the development of Ensemble Live, our iPad range for teachers, parents and schools. By using Ensemble Live, teachers can access registers, timesheets and schedule information from anywhere. This means that whether they're in a lesson with pupils or at home after a long day, your teachers can update their information and sync this back to the office database with ease. If this wasn't already sounding good enough, your teachers can also use our app to make amendments to their schedules such as make-up lessons or to move pupils into lessons from a waiting list. All of this information will also be synced with the back office data. 
In using our existing experience with music services to develop Live Teacher we believe that we've created a solution which will help these organisations to operate more cohesively. Having the information they need at their fingertips will improve experience for teachers, help reduce their work and ensure that the office team are getting the information they need with minimal work and delay. Ultimately we believe that by bringing people closer to the working of your organisation, tuition providers can make their lives easier and bring the focus back to quality provision.
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