7 January 2014

"We believe that the music services who operate well this year will be improving the way they work with those closest to them."

Up ahead of the next round of Arts Council funding cuts we know that for some Music Services, this year is make or break. With increasing pressure on services to operate with innovation and efficiency the forward thinking organisations are leading the way. We’ve been delighted to work with customers such as Tri-Borough and Newham as they move forward with hub operation. However as mentioned in the National Music Council awards, we are still a long way from realising the vision of partnership working laid out in the Henley report and the National Plan for Music Education. So how can we generate organisations with the infrastructure and operations to survive the next round of funding cuts?

We believe that the services who operate well this year will be improving the way they work with those closest to them. For us the solution lies not only in effective partnership in the traditional sense, but also effective partnerships with those who come into daily contact with your service. By facilitating teachers and parents to become more involved with the day-to-day running of your service you can improve their experience and liberate more time for you to concentrate on music provision.

That's why this year we'll be bringing you the next generation of Ensemble and transforming the way you think about managing your provision. We want to share our vision for working together, wherein organisations empower their teachers and assist their parents. Some of our customers are already wholeheartedly embracing these concepts and maximising the potential of Ensemble. These services, such as Knowsley, are future proofing their organisations and reaping the benefits. By empowering those closest to them music services can improve customer experience, affectivity and most importantly the quality of provision. We want you to do this too. Keep an eye and an ear out for Paritor in 2014 as we show you how to future proof your organisation.

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