16 November 2013

A Reflection on the Music Show

It's been another busy week for the Paritor team as we book in more demos than ever before for our Celtic friends and continue the process of setting up Music Services with Ensemble. In our spare moments however we've been taking the opportunity to reflect on our weekend at the Manchester Music Show and establish what this means for our company as we move forward.

The Conference
As exhibitors at the Music Show, sponsors of the National Music Council Awards and attendees at the Music Mark Conference dinner we couldn't help but feel that the structure of the weekend was a little disjointed. On a more positive note though, what a splendid venue, both for the Show and for the Conference dinner. The very talented Bolton Youth String Ensemble were a fantastic accompaniment to the beautiful surroundings within Manchester Town Hall and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sit with  East Sussex during dinner, before going on to enjoy the company of several other hubs throughout the evening. Our photos from the evening can be found on our facebook page.

With the release of the Ofsted report we are once again being forced to look at music provision and how it can evolve through partnership working. Schooble educational networking (www.schooble.com) is a great tool for bringing education organisations together and promoting communication. The site is a fantastic place to create both a private forum for teachers/hub staff to share resources, best practice and challenges and to also create a public forum where parents, pupils, schools and services can access musical opportunities within the area and talk about what matters to them. Please, please, please if you have a moment take a look at our Schooble blog on Music Hub use and speak with the Team at Tameside who are embracing us wholeheartedly.

Utilization of Ensemble
It was great to catch up with so many friendly faces at the music show who have either just started with Ensemble or have been using the system for a number of years. As a company, it's a really exciting time for us because as Ensemble is evolving we are bringing yet more great solutions to our customers. Some of our most exciting developments include Live Teacher, which will now enable music services such as Knowsley to complete a lot of their day to day lesson admin from within classes. Although so many of our customers are now beginning to benefit from the latest way to use Ensemble we still feel that there's a lot of work to be done from us in terms of spreading this message. The principles of data hosting and tablet computing have so much to offer music services which ultimately will enable our customers to spend less time on their admin and more time on the music.

Our Team
The most positive feedback for us coming out of this weekend has been the kind words spoken about our team. As a company we are completely dedicated to our customers and to helping them operate in the best possible way. It was absolutely lovely to hear such positive remarks about the team from so many of our clients over the course of the weekend. Thank you very much- we like you too!

12 November 2013

The Paritor Movember Team

If you see any of our team looking a bit hairy over the next few weeks then don't panic, we haven't had a razor shortage in Devon we're just doing our bit for Movember! Our on the road consultants Ed and Will will be sporting their fashionable additions along with the rest of the crew at Paritor HQ. To find out more on why we're supporting Movember read about the cause here http://uk.movember.com/programs. Or to get behind the boys visit our team page http://moteam.co/paritor.

Data Hosting Discounts

At Paritor we are completely dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date and future proof technology. With several of our customers already using hosted data systems the benefits are clear to see. These users not only have greater peace of mind in the security of their data, but they also benefit from a more flexible way to operate.

Over the last few years the team at Paritor have established a range of administrative solutions for tuition providers. Developments such as Live Teacher and our mobile resources application are helping our customers to save time and to work more collectively. These developments are founded in cloud technology.

We are eager to help our customers access the benefits of cloud computing and as such we are offering exclusive reductions to customers who switch to data hosting before January 2014. If you would like to know more about the price and security of Data Hosting then we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with the team via email on info@paritor.co.uk or via phone on 01395 445092.