14 October 2013

Cloud Computing for Dummies

With the world going mad for cloud computing are you keeping up with the jargon? At Paritor HQ there's a bunch of us who don't "speak tech" and that's why, with the help of our techno-geniuses we've put together this quick guide to explain what Cloud Computing is.

Historically, most data and information that schools, music services or teachers have has been held on a computer in the corner of the office. Sound familiar? We all feel comfortable with our data held in this way, somewhere you know, with the people you trust. But what happens if:

  • There is a fire at your school damaging your computers
  • You're the unfortunate victims of the most recent spate of PC burglaries 
  • The computer you hold your data on has a melt down
  • or even just that the office is closed because of snow

Cloud Computing experts would argue that in the above instances your data is better off with them.

At Paritor our cloud hosted data is stored in a highly secure data centre in Canary Warf. By storing our data in this way we make use of an economy of scale and can directly benefit from the data protection team at the data centre whose sole job is to protect our important information. Not only does this reduce liability for us but it also provides peace of mind because we know that our information is protected with cutting edge data security tools, a dedicated team and daily, weekly, monthly and annual back ups. This isn't something that ourselves or our customers have the resources to achieve in their own offices.

So if the data is actually in a data centre then where does the cloud come in? Cloud computing is a way of accessing your information through a complex network involving the internet. Instead of just accessing your data from the box in the corner, you now access your data via an internet connection. This gives you so many additional benefits which you can learn about in our Cloud Computing and Tuition Management blog post.

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