14 October 2013

Cloud Computing and Tuition Management

At Paritor we are passionate about providing our customers with the most up-to-date and secure solutions for their services. We achieve this by bringing innovative technologies to our customers and showing them how to use these to promote a more connected music or performing arts provision.

Over the last few months at Paritor we've been able to release some of our most exciting solutions yet including Live Teacher, Live Parent and Paritor Mobile resources. This new generation of products is based on The Cloud, a new technology which is enabling users to access the people and information they need wherever and whenever they need it.

But what is Cloud Computing really going to offer tuition providers?

At Paritor we believe in Cloud Computing and we believe that it represents a reliable and safe way for tuition providers to offer the best possible service and here's why:


  • Hosting your data on the Cloud enables you to access your data wherever you need it
  • It allows you to work from a variety of platforms and;
  • It ensures that whatever is going on in your offices (snow/strike) you will still be able to access the information you need from home

  • Holding your data in a box in your office isn't safe. Hosting your data on the cloud protects you from loss damage or theft of your important information.
  • Cutting edge data centre security procedures mean that you will benefit from economies of scale and will achieve a much higher level of data security than is obtainable in-house
  • Cloud hosted data is backed up daily, weekly, monthly and annually 


  • Hosted data solutions are often a lot more flexible financially. As opposed to buying a one off license you can now pay on a monthly basis and "bump-up" the number of users you pay for as your business grows.
  • Using Cloud solutions also means that you no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your systems or your data as everything is automatically upgraded.
  • Increase your independence from your IT department as more of the services you need are taken care of automatically


  • The most beneficial element of cloud computing is the ability to put more people in touch with the information they need wherever they need it. This is enabling us to bring together more people than ever before and enable your parents, teachers and schools to access real time information. 

If you're unsure exactly what the mysterious "cloud" is please see our blog post Cloud Computing for Dummies.


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