16 September 2013

Music Education Council's new mission statement

Paritor is proud to be a member of the Music Education Council. Following the first Executive Committee meeting of the new business year the Chair and Committee have developed a refreshed mission statement for the Music Education Council which aims to articulate the organisation's USP. So here it is ….

What is MEC?

The Music Education Council (MEC) acts as a medium for bringing together in a working relationship those organisations and institutions in the United Kingdom involved in music education and music education training, thereby creating a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information and the promotion of joint or connected activities.

As the umbrella body for organisations connected with music education in the United Kingdom and the UK’s representative body for ISME and other international organisations, MEC is uniquely placed to represent the music education sector. MEC’s strength is its capacity to unite all those who wish to make a difference to the lives of children and adults through the power of music.

What does MEC do?

A survey of MEC members (2013) showed that MEC performs an important service by being a balanced point of reference and secure source of information for what is going on in the wider music sector beyond the particular interests of the individual member organisations.

  • provides a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information
  • arranges events to discuss important aspects of music education
  • promotes research in music education, and its impact on policy and practice
  • attends and contributes to major UK forums, conferences and committees
  • contributes to public debate and responds to current issues on music education
  • advocates on behalf of music education and training
  • represents the views of its membership to all relevant government and statutory bodies
  • works collaboratively with other national and international organisations to further the cause of music education
  • represents UK music education at international events

How does MEC do that?

In carrying out the above activities MEC operates in three ways:

·         Proactive: raising issues of relevance to music education.
·         Reactive: responding in support of music education to policies and practices that impact on music education.

But, above all, MEC is

 ·         Representative: articulating the range of views within the sector.

Through facilitating discussion and debate MEC enables the sector to be better informed about the views different parts of the sector hold, including understanding why those differences exist.  MEC helps to find common ground where possible and, following consultation with its members, the MEC executive determines how best to move forward where there is disagreement.

MEC 2013 to 2016 will be addressing:
  • The school music curriculum
  • Funding for music education in and out of school 2015 to 2016
  • Funding and policy development for music education 2015 to 2020 and beyond

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