2 September 2013

Hints and Help: Entering a Hire Batch

We have made a new update to Ensemble which will easily allow you to produce a batch of hires to a school. This will help save considerable time since you won’t have to enter each hire agreement individually. Simply select the instruments in the instrument group that will be hired to the school. In this blog post, we will introduce this feature and walk through an example.

There is a new button called Enter School Hire Batch and this can be accessed by:

Console Ribbon Menu > Instruments > Enter School Hire Batch

Clicking on this button will produce the window below


Here we are hiring our selection to “A School”

Currently inside the RED BOX we have selected the Allocate tab to define our allocation criteria. We have chosen “Clarinet” as our Instrument Group and 29/08/2013 as the Hire Date. Furthermore we have a Charge called “Hire” which is used when instruments are lent out. If we didn’t charge and hired for free, then this dropdown menu will be greyed out.

The GREEN BOX now displays the available instruments that our school can hire. Since we chose “Clarinet” as our Instrument Group, it will list Clarinets. To select the instruments agreed to hire simply click the specific tickbox on the row of the required instrument. Alternatively, clicking the tickbox next to “Hire” at the top will select all the instruments.

We’re nearly finished.

Now we will choose a return date. Click Return next to the Allocate tab. The window will now change to the one below:

Inside the RED BOX we can see that 31/10/2013 has been selected as the “Return Date”.

Above is a table for completed returns. As you can see this is empty indicating that this is the first batch hire to be done.

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