20 August 2013

#Security How safe is your information? #Ensemble365iscoming

Saving your information on a laptop or a local server can sometimes be perceived as safer. In reality, storing information locally can be dangerous, if a fire or another disaster occurred the information would be lost and generally bacing up information needs to be done manually. Staff can occasionally lose laptops along with all of the information that is stored. These problems are heightened when we are talking about the security of pupil information.

Instead when an organisation moves its data to the cloud it means that this information can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Cloud computing is designed to improve your organisation’s defences, ultimately because of the huge amount of money that is spent on securing their data centre infrastructure, and keeping their customers' data safe. Cloud computing means that organisations can benefit from economies of scale, they can afford to invest in the latest solutions and preventative approaches, whereas relatively few individual businesses can to the same degree.
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