17 July 2013

Hints and Help Blog: Publishing SLA’s using the Publish Document Tool

Another academic year is about to pass, so now begins the preparation for the next. This blog will describe the process of Emailing your Service Level Agreement out to your Schools using the Publish Document Tool.

The SLA’s can be produced through: Schools (Menu Bar) > Schools Contract SLA

Once this Report is produced you will then need to send it to be signed by your Schools. Ensemble offers a hassle free solution to this using the Publish Document tool (Shown below).

Clicking on publish document will bring up this window.
From here you can select ‘Use my Organisations SMTP Server’, enter your details and select OK. User credentials allow you to select which email address is displayed on the outgoing email. This gives the School a chance to reply to your personal inbox.
You can use the Test function to email yourself and support@paritor.co.uk.

SLA’s sent using the Publish Document tool will be displayed in the Correspondence Tab on a school record.
Select ‘Publish using the default method for the document and recipient’, this will send all emails to the School Email displayed in the Detail Tab of a School Record. Once you have selected this option click Next.

This screen allows you to enter your message to each school, which will form the body of your email, with the SLA attached. Once you have typed your message click Next.

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