8 July 2013

DfE document on government-backed music education opportunities

The DfE have pubished a document which details 'the range of government-backed cultural education opportunities open to all young people in England.'

Michael Gove said:
"No education can be complete without the arts and creativity playing a central role in a child’s life.
Successful schools put culture at the heart of their curriculum. I want all schools to be able to emulate, indeed surpass, those which are currently outstanding.
I hope schools will be excited by these opportunities and will use them to offer all children a cultural education that will engage and inspire them to take part in cultural activity throughout their lives."
Darren Henley said:
"Ensuring that children gain an excellent cultural education really does matter, so this new government publication which responds to one of the recommendations in my independent review is an exciting step forward. The ‘Cultural education’ document is both aspirational and pragmatic. It affirms the importance of the contribution that cultural education subjects make in developing the next generation of well-rounded and culturally enriched young people."

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