30 May 2013

Hints & Help: Raising Manual Invoices


This week’s Hints & Help I am going to take you through the process of raising a Manual Invoice. Sometimes you will need to produce a manual invoice for a one off, miscellaneous item, the Manual Invoice tool in Ensemble is the best one to use for this situation. To access the tool on the Ribbon Menu select Finance > Postings > Raise Manual Invoices


The following screen will be displayed. From here you can enter all of the information required to create the invoice.


You can raise Manual Invoices for Individuals, Organisations, or Schools. Once you have selected the Invoice Date, Payment Date, Term and Year, you can enter the Invoice Heading and Period Text.

Finally add the lines to the Invoice by clicking Add Line and inserting the information. When you have populated the Lines and are happy with the information you have created click Save and Close to create the Invoice. You can print the invoice using the standard Print Invoices tool.

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