13 May 2013

Guest Blog: Alex Freeman, Software Developer. Optimising the use of support tickets.

So you need to contact Paritor Support, let’s say you were right in the middle of something and disaster struck. An error message appeared. Don’t panic! The first thing you should do is take a screen shot, in Windows XP the best way to do this is to press the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard, this can be found on the right hand side in above the “insert”, “delete” and “home” keys. The mouse pointer might flash to let you know that it has worked, if you don’t see it flash just press the key a few times to be sure.

Now we have the screen shot, we can close the error message and open up the support tickets by going to the main screen in Ensemble and click Help (at the top) -> Support Ticket Manager. Next we click New Ticket, in the new window give the ticket a title, something like “error when transferring a pupil”, or whatever it was that you were doing at the time.

Before you go ahead and write the ticket you should attach the screen shot so it doesn’t get accidentally forgotten about (we do this too!). What you need to do is go to Add Attachments, and in the new window click Attach from Clipboard. This takes the screen shot you took earlier and attaches it to the ticket. You can Save & Close this window and you should see on the right of the new ticket it says “Attachments: 1”, this lets you know that you’ve attached it correctly.
Now you can go ahead and write the ticket. We find the best ones explain what you were trying to achieve at the time the error occurred. This might be something like: “I was trying extract pupils who have lessons in the Autumn Term and are also taught by Teacher A. I went to Pupils then Extract Pupils, I chose one record per pupil activity and then selected the autumn term. Then I went to the teacher tab and selected taught by and selected the teacher then I clicked extract data. However I was not getting all the pupils I expected to see an example would be… ” The more information you give us in this initial ticket the less time we have to spend asking for more information, and the quicker we can solve the ticket!

We might not see the ticket straight away, but don’t worry, we will get to it as soon as we can and chances are even though you haven’t heard from us one of us will be looking into it so there is no need to ring up as this doesn’t make the process any faster.

To find out more about Paritor Ensemble, please visit www.paritorensemble.com.


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