12 April 2013

Hints & Help: Adding a Mail Merge Document to your Record Menus

For this week’s Hints & Help blog I am going to show you how you can save your most common Mail Merges to your records, allowing you to access them more easily.
Once you have created the Mail Merge document you want to use, open up the associated record card (e.g if you have created a merge document that relates to Teachers, open up any Teachers record card). Go to the Communications tab, click on either the Mail Merge or Selection Mail Merge icons and choose the last option in the list called Manage Items in Menu.
Note: Remember the Mail Merge option will create documents just for the current record, whereas the Selection Mail Merge will take you through the extract wizard allowing you to select a set of records that match your selection criteria.

This will display a manager dialog which allows you to add documents to the current record types menu.


The dialogue displays three options:
  • Single and Multiple – This is for documents you want to appear in both the Mail Merge and the Selection Mail Merge menus.
  • Single – This is for documents you want to appear in just the Mail Merge menu
  • Multiple - This is for documents you just want to appear in the Selection Mail Merge menu.
Select the option you want and click Add Document. You will then need to select the document you want to add to the Menu. Once you have added your document, you will now it them Mail Merge menus you selected.


If you have any more questions regarding this topic, or you want to request another topic for the Hints & Help blog; please let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us at support@paritor.co.uk.

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