3 April 2013

Celebrating the end of the fiscal year with a 50% increase in customers!

The 2012 fiscal year was the best year in Paritor’s history, and we are celebrating a 50% increase in customers, so a massive thank you to everyone who has chosen to use Paritor Ensemble. This is consequently the third year in succession in which the company has achieved unprecedented organic growth against a background of challenging economic conditions. The restructure and unrest faced by music ed organisations has meant that it has been necessary to re-evaluate their operational structures, often highlighting the benefits of Paritor Ensemble.

Next year, Paritor is set to cause an even greater stir in music education as many of you have already noticed we have already we have recently undergone a rebrand (we welcome your feedback) and with big plans to increase our staffing levels as well as our product range, Paritor Ensemble will no longer be just a software solution but the brand will cover a wide range of music education management tools. Watch this space!

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