4 March 2013

Paritor set to bring education under one platform

This March, UK based Software Company Paritor, supported by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), is launching an innovative social platform for the education market: Schooble.

Schooble connects everyone involved in the sphere of education in a highly secure and interactive environment, allowing users to create their own unique online space.
The official launch of Schooble will be on 20th March at the Music Education Expo 2013. All those involved in music education will be given privileged access to the site before it becomes more widely available. Expo will give delegates the chance to meet the creators of Schooble and view how it works. Just visit the ISM stand or the presentation by David Ashworth, ‘Bright ideas for Key Stage 3 music’ for an insight into ideas behind the Schooble craze.
Schooble can be used by teachers and pupils, plus other stakeholders in education, from parents to Music Services. Schooble Kids allows pupils to build up an e-learning portfolio in a creative way. It promotes positive behaviour, whilst encouraging communication between their friends and teachers. Schooble Kids also permits greater involvement from family members, allowing them to view their learning diaries.
Teachers will be able to view their classes work, create CPD portfolios and provide students with resources. Organisations can add content and materials as well as allowing users to become members.

Schooble has the advantage of being able to offer a highly secure environment for this sensitive 7 – 14 year old age group, presenting peace of mind to guardians. It is estimated that by Dec 2013, there will be 50,000 users of Schooble. Users will be able to tap into schemes relevant for them, enhancing their experience. Paritor is also working with national schemes such as Musical Bridges and the Children’s University of Devon to add additional functionality.
Schooble is brought to you from Paritor, the market leader in management software for Music Hubs. Simon Dutton, Managing Director, commented: ‘I’ve been developing this idea for some time. The Henley Review’s acknowledgment for an e-learning diary, the need for improved communication between primary and secondary educators as well as the children’s university e-passport have signalled that now is the right time for Schooble.’

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