12 March 2013

Hints & Help: Analysing Pupil Leavers

In this Hints & Help blog I will show you the process of looking at leavers for this year, and also how you can analyse this data using Ensemble.

Viewing the Data

The first step in this process is getting the list of leavers themselves, this can be done from a simple Pupil Extract. To do this go to Pupils > Extract Pupils
You will then need to select the following options on the Extract:
  • One Record Per Pupil Activity
  • Select the date range as the whole year
  • Leavers Only

Once you have selected these options click on Extract Data and you will have your list of leavers

Analysing Data

Now you have your list of leavers, you can analyse the information by grouping any of the columns available in Insight. All you will need to do is group by the column in question, then click Create Summary.

Some of the most useful columns you can group and analyse by are:
  • ActivityDsc
    • This will show you drop off rates by lesson
  • ActivityGroup
    • For drop off rates by Activity Group (Most commonly cost code)
  • LeaveReason
    • By the reasons given when leaving
  • PostCodeArea
    • For a geographical breakdown of leavers
  • School
    • For drop off rates by School
  • TeacherLastName
    • To see which teachers lost the most pupils
    • If you group by TeacherLastName and then also group by LeaveReason you will be able to see statistics on not only how many pupils left by Teacher, but also why they left. Therefore you will be able to see the number of Pupils who left because they had an issue with their teacher, and you can see which teacher that was.
If you need any help following the stages of this Hints & Help blog please contact the Ensemble Support Team or leave  a comment.

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