18 March 2013

David Ashworth on the launch of Schooble

The launch of Schooble is imminent. On 21st March at Music Educational Expo 2013 in London, we together with our launch partners Incorporated Society of Musicians are preparing to unveil our newest and most innovative 'Educational Networking' tool. Here's what David Ashworth, Music Education Consultant has to say:

"Only a few months ago, this was just the germ of an idea I was discussing with Paritor’s Simon Dutton. It is a measure of their commitment and enthusiasm that they have managed to develop such an elegant and worthwhile solution to the challenges and potential of helping students and their teachers manage their learning journeys in a safe and engaging online environment. If Paritor can make a success of this, Schooble is destined to become one of the most important initiatives in UK music education."


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