18 February 2013

Getting your teachers involved with Schooble

To help you get started, we've developed a new function within Schooble where you can easily create accounts for your teachers, making getting those data returns even easier! They'll even get an email informing them that Schooble is ready for the input.

For Ensemble users:

Simply go to the 'Teacher' tab within the software and click on 'Schooble Export'.

For non Ensemble users

The import Teacher function provides you with a method to create Schooble accounts for a set of your employees. Simply use Excel to create a CSV file containing 4 columns ("First Name", "Last Name", "Email" and "Gender") then browse to that file and press the Import button below.

Schooble will validate the file and create a new Schooble account for each of the individuals listed providing they don’t already have a Schooble account. It uses the email address to checks this. Schoobee will then create the connection between the individuals account and you and sends out and email to the individual telling them they now have a Schooble account. The email also includes a temporary Password. The first time they log in they are asked to change this password.

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