27 February 2013

Hints & Help: School SLAs for a new Academic Year

This Hints & Help blog is going to focus on producing SLA’s with schools and how the system can help with this process. In order to create SLA’s for Schools you will need to have the next academic year set up with the schedules, for more information on how to do this please follow the New Academic Year Help Guide. You will also need to have run the Calculate School Billing process for every term in the following academic year.
There are three reports that the system will produce, each one provides a specific function for the SLA process, I will explain each in turn, and in the order in which you should use them.

Stage 1: School Contract Service Advice

Ribbon Menu > Schools > School Contract Service Advice

This is the report of the SLA process, this is designed to be sent to each School to show them the lessons that they currently have with you and the cost of signing up for another year. This is the ideal report to encourage them to sign up for more tuition.
Once you have received feedback from schools you will then alter your next year’s scheduled accordingly, so you will now have an accurate requirement of work for each school. Using this information you can now start to build schedules for your teacher,  and calculate accurate projections for school income. However you will want to confirm this information with the schools first…

Step 2: School Contract SLA

Ribbon Menu > Schools > School Contract SLA

Once you have set up your Academic Year and run the Calculate School Billing process for each term, you will be able to produce  the SLA with each school. This report will information on each lesson, including the cost and Teacher if you have assigned one. It will also show a total fee by term, contain your terms and conditions of your agreement, and any other information you deem necessary.
As a side note to this, many services are starting to use this document to state that, in order to receive this tuition, Schools will be required to supply statistics for the ACE Data return. Now the SLA has been sent to the schools you will want to see an internal report showing you figures for your annual school projected income, which will help you build projections for your service. This is what the third report is designed for.

Step 3: School Contract Summary

Ribbon Menu > Schools > School Contract Summary

This report is an internal document which will give you a summary of what each School is purchasing from you over the next academic year, this report also will give you a total, so you can see how much income you are set to get. You can also sub this total by Provision if you need to.
This internal report can then be related to income analysis reports you will produce throughout the year, so you will be able to see any differences between the projected income, and the actual income.
If there are any further questions you have on any points covered in this blog please either comment or contact the Paritor Support Team. Also if there are any areas you would like the Hints & Help blog to cover, please feel free to contact me at will@paritor.co.uk
Thank you for reading.

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