5 February 2013

Hints & Help: Complex Charges

In these changing times we are coming across a wider variety of charging structures to encourage schools to purchase more time from you. Some of these incentives are becoming quite complex, and in this Hints & Help blog I want to show you how Ensemble can help manage these charges.

the Banding Option tool when creating charges is not something that many customers use, however this function is what allows the system to calculate and manage very complex charges without causing administrators any extra work.


This function is most commonly used for termly variations in charges, for example the first term is half price. However recent additions to this tool mean that it can now be even more capable.

The example that I would like to use to demonstrate this is the idea of altering hourly rates for lessons depending on the duration of that lesson. i.e a lesson costs £30 per hour for the first two hours but anything over two hours long will be £25 per hour. Therefore if a lesson is four hours long the cost will be three hours of £30 + I hour of £25. Making the lesson £115.

This can be managed in Ensemble with just one charge provided is it set up with the correct Banding Type. To do this what you need to do is create the charge and select the Session Duration banding type. You can then specify that the first 180 minutes is £30.00 but after 181 minutes the lesson rate decreases to £25.00


When this is applied to a lesson the system will then calculate the correct charge of £115.00 per session, and the School Billing report below shows that 10 sessions is £1,150.00


If you have any more questions on this please either leave a comment below or contact us on support@paritor.co.uk

Thank you for reading, the Hints & Help blog will return soon.

Will Parslow
Product Manager for Paritor Ensemble

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