14 February 2013

Hints & Help: ACE Data Return – Question 6

This series of Hints & Help blogs is all about questions 3 to 7 of the ACE Data Return and how you can use Ensemble to produce the relevant information. This guide is working on the assumption that all of the relevant information is contained within Ensemble.
Also for those who do not yet have them, here are the links to the ACE Data Return Template and Guidance Notes. You can use these as a reference for the guidance below.


Question 6

This is the question that requires sensitive pupil information, namely Free School Meals and Special Educational Needs information. This is required for your group member records.
To get the information into Insight follow the steps below:
  1. Extract Pupils – Make sure you select the following options during the extract.
    1. (Pupils Tab) One record to Pupil Activity
      1. Group membership
      2. Autumn term 2012
You will now have a list of all Group Members in Insight, from here you can now aggregate the data to give you the information you need. The table for Question 6 can be split into two sections, and I will approach them separately in this blog.
  1. Part one: Gender by Key Stage
    1. This is a relatively simple bit of information to get, you will need group your Data by Year Group, then Gender
    2. In order to get the Key Stage data you will need to do a Custom filter to select multiple Year Groups
    3. Once you have done this you can Create Summary Dataset, this will give you the number of Pupils by Gender and Key Stage.
    4. image_thumb5
  2. Part two: FSM, SEN and Both
    1. The potentially tricky bit with this information because if Pupils are both, they need to be in a separate column, but using the Filter and Grouping functions you can get the figures you need. image
    2. You will then need to group the data by Key Stage, in the same way you did for the first part of this question. 
    3. Once you have done this, you can use the filtering function to get the information you need. The filters you need to do are as follows:
      1. FSM: FSM Column = True
                  SEN Column = Blanks
      2. SEN: FSM Column = False
                  SEN Column = NonBlanks
      3. Both: FSM Column = True
                  SEN Column = NonBlanks
The Count figure for each of these filtering options will give you the figures you need by Year Group

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