14 February 2013

Hints & Help: ACE Data Return – Question 5

This series of Hints & Help blogs is all about questions 3 to 7 of the ACE Data Return and how you can use Ensemble to produce the relevant information. This guide is working on the assumption that all of the relevant information is contained within Ensemble.
Also for those who do not yet have them, here are the links to the ACE Data Return Template and Guidance Notes. You can use these as a reference for the guidance below.


Question 5

Question 5 of the Data Return is split into three parts; Information of Ensembles Managed by Schools, Partners and the Hubs themselves. Only part ‘c’ can be answered using Ensemble. Here is how this can be done.
  1. Apply Genres to your Groups
    1. If you have not got this feature activated please contact the Support Team and they will talk you through what to do.
    2. Make sure that you set up the Genres in the system so that they are the same as the categories applied in the ACE Data return document.
    3. You can apply the Genres to groups on the Detail tab of the Group record.image
  2. Extract Groups – make sure you select the following options when in the Extract Groups process.
    1. One record per group.
    2. Extract Data
You will now have a list of all groups in Insight, you can now manipulate this data to give you the aggregated statistics you require.
  1. Group by GenreDsc image
  2. Create Summary Dataset
You will now have the number of groups by Genre.

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