14 February 2013

Hints & Help: ACE Data Return – Question 4

This series of Hints & Help blogs is all about questions 3 to 7 of the ACE Data Return and how you can use Ensemble to produce the relevant information. This guide is working on the assumption that all of the relevant information is contained within Ensemble.
Also for those who do not yet have them, here are the links to the ACE Data Return Template and Guidance Notes. You can use these as a reference for the guidance below.

Question 4


This question is to provide the ‘total number of pupils who received whole
class ensemble tuition in the previous academic year and
indicate how many of these continued to learn to play a
musical instrument in the period 1 September to 31 December
The two figures required are the number of pupils who received Wider Opps/First Access/ Whole Class tuition last year (which we will assume that you have from previous data returns) and  the number of Pupils who have continued with tuition this year. The way to get the second figure of continuation is to analyse tuition this year based on Year Group; for example if last year you provided Wider Opportunities to Year 4, if you look at tuition in year 5 this year you will be able to see your continuation figures.
  1. Extract Pupils – Make sure you select these options in the extract
    1. (Pupil Tab) One Record Per Pupil Activity
      1. School & Centre Activities
      2. Autumn 2012
    2. Extract Data


This will give you a list of all pupils in Centre and School tuition in the Autumn term, you can now filter this information down to give you figures you require. This can be done with either Simple or Custom filters, how detailed you wish to be with your information.
  1. Count your records by clicking on the ‘Σ’ icon on the Year Group column, then select the Count option. This give you a total number of pupils at the bottom of your screen.image
  2. You can now activate the filter function by selecting ‘Filter’ from the Ribbon Menu, once you have done this you can now filter by column.image
  3. Here is where you have a couple of options, you can either just filter your data by a particular Year Group which will give you all pupils receiving tuition in a particular year group. Or if you provided Whole Class tuition across multiple year groups you can select Custom from the list of available filtering options to select multiple year groups at once.


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