13 February 2013

Hints & Help: ACE Data Return – Question 3

This series of Hints & Help blogs is all about questions 3 to 7 of the ACE Data Return and how you can use Ensemble to produce the relevant information. This guide is working on the assumption that all of the relevant information is contained within Ensemble.

Also for those who do not yet have them, here are the links to the ACE Data Return Template and Guidance Notes. You can use these as a reference for the guidance below.


Question 3

This is a table displaying aggregated data for WCET Tuition. The information that can be produced from Ensemble for this question is the School Name, School’s DFES Number, Local Authority, Year Group and Number of Pupils per lesson.

In order to retrieve this information you will need a working knowledge of the Extract wizards and of how to group and filter data in Insight. The steps you will need to take are as follows:

  1. Extract Pupils – Make sure you select these options through the extract.
    1. (Pupil Tab) One Record Per Pupil Activity
      1. School Activities only
      2. Autumn Term 2012
    2. (Year Group Tab) Younger than school year: 10
    3. (School Tab) And Attends a School Lesson of Activity Type: Wider Opps


This will give you a list of all Pupils in Wider Opps lessons in your system. You will now be in a position to manipulate the data to give you the information you require.

  1. Group Data
    1. Group the data by the following columns in the following order:
      1. School
      2. DFESNo
      3. Year Group
  2. image
  3. Create Summary Dataset

By clicking on the Create Summary Dataset icon the system will create a new table from the groupings that you have done. This table will show the aggregated statistics for the majority of the columns required for Question 3. The ones you will have to fill manually are the terms of the lesson and whether or not it was the first time these pupils had received Whole class tuition.

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