4 February 2013

Feedback to go to Arts Council from Paritor’s Music Education Management Discussion Day

Last week we held our hub managers discussion day and during the afternoon session we debated the imminent data return as requested by the Arts Council England.  I believe that everyone found it very useful and this is a few questions/points that were raised and have been sent to Arts Council for clarification.

  1. There is a possibility a duplicate counting of pupils when compiling the statistics.  For example with regards to question 6, the hub will collate totals submitted by schools and partners regarding the number and mix of pupils taking part in Ensembles/Choirs.  It is fairly common for a pupil to be a member of an Ensemble in a school and also be a member of one or more out of school.  A single pupil will therefore be counted in each one creating a duplicate situation.  The same issues occurs when reporting on levels.  If a pupil is learning two instruments are they to record the pupil twice or do they pick one of the instruments and the level there are for that instrument.  If so which do they pick.
  2. There is still some confusion about the definition of an Ensemble/Choir.  Clearly a rock band is an Ensemble but there is a definite grey area over large group teaching.  Some hubs will define many of these as Ensembles and others won’t.
  3. Where a pupil is learning an instrument prior to first access and continues this after first access, should they be included in the first access continuation count.  Various Hubs have a differing policy on this.
  4. Many Hub managers ask if ACE could provide a letter in their name to be given to schools explaining the value of the information being requested.
  5. It is assumed that only pupils up to the age of 18 should be included, is this correct?
  6. Clarification was requested into the meaning of SEN.  Are they to include those pupils classified as School Action and School Action Plus.




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