12 February 2013

Collecting information for your Arts Council Returns

We are pleased to announce that Schooble is now ready for you to use FREE of charge!

Following on from last week’s email we received an enormous amount of interest in using Paritor Schooble to complete the Arts Council Returns.  All you need to do is create yourself a FREE a
ccount and connect to your music hub, then email your teachers asking them to also create an account, add a and 
complete their elements of the annual return. Each teacher can create their own unique account where they can then add their information through a set of simple forms. This information can then be automatically collated and downloaded to excel, providing you with a simple and timesaving way in which to collect this important data.   To find out more simply go to www.schooble.com and click on the About Schooble link and view the two help subjects under the ACE reporting Scheme section.

Kind regards,

The Paritor Team

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