29 January 2013

The beginnings of Schooble (Our newest and most innovative venture)

We're getting excited! Today is the pre-launch of Schooble and those attending our Music Education Manager's Discussion Day will get a sneak preview. Find out more about how Schooble came about ...

Paritor have been experts in Music Education Management for nearly 20 years. We started off providing software solutions for local authority music services, this market has changed and thanks to the Henley Review of Music Education (the government tasked Darren Henley, MD of Classic FM to do a comprehensive review of Music Provision in England and Wales) has developed and the importance of other music education providers have also been recognised. It is in this market place that we are UK market leader. Working closely with a range of providers of music education on a daily basis has meant that we have developed a unique and very comprehensive understanding of the market place. As a result we have been able to move from a purely software company to a company that specialises in the management of music education. Our product range has now expanded and we cover an enormous range from management software to consultation and accredited training.

It is this stance in the market place that prompted the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to contact Simon Dutton (MD) after they were tasked with developing a pupil passport, something which was addressed in the Henley Review of Music Education. The PHF contacted Paritor in an aim to help primary and secondary schools strengthen their students' experience of school transfer in and through music, an initiative know as Musical Bridges. After many meetings and discussion with various stakeholders Schooble was finally born.

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  1. Hey, that's a great news. Hope you are as good as this guys. I wish you good luck, you are doing good work!