30 January 2013

Teacher Pay Types - Music Education Hubs

The morning session of our Music Education Manager's Discussion Day focused purely on teacher pay types. Here are the results:
Reconciling Pay – the reliability of Teachers
This issue was regarding the processes of retrieving information from Claim and Contracted staff, some of the services mentioned a problem chasing claims/hours from Contracted staff as it does not directly affect their pay.
Often each school will sign off the tuition which is used as a double check.
Several services use several documents (Registers, Timesheets, Schedules etc) to cross reference the claims
Some services carry out random spot checks with schools and timesheets rather than analysing each one.
For contracted staff, some services have it written into their contracts that contracted staff cannot claim additional hours.
One customer pointed out that teachers are paid depending on the number of pupil’s in their lesson rather than hourly, therefore teachers cannot get paid for extra time and also teachers are efficient in updating registers etc.
Managing Varied Contracts
This issue was around managing multiple contracts and agreements with the teaching staff, what is the most efficient way to manage this situation. Another point that was made in connection to this was: If salaried hours fall below the contract, is it the responsibility of the management to fill that time or of the teacher.
One solution to overtime was to only pay overtime once a year rather than once a month. This works on the assumption that although a teacher may do more that their contract one month, in a later month they may have fewer hours than their contract dictates, therefore the two will balance themselves out over time.
There was another solution called an ‘Annualised Hours’ contract, which is a contract that directly reflects the teacher’s hours over a year, rather than having a salary.
Others suggested the PAYE method of payment
Teacher Mileage
Most services had interesting ways of managing Teacher Mileage.
Some services have the mileage built into the contract
The mileage is calculated at the beginning of the year, and that calculation is what is paid – so no claims
Another solution is that if services were able to claim the VAT back from the mileage, the finance generated would cover the extra administration time needed.
Projected costs for Claim staff
This issue was raised in relation to calculating the monthly wages for teachers.
There is a need to log lessons which have been missed by teachers, including whether or not these lessons need to be made up
When completing Salary projections, these potential make-ups need to be considered
Also it is necessary to calculate the costs of these non-delivered lessons
Employing Teachers through an Agency
This is the interesting way that Swindon Music Service employ and manage their teachers.
All teachers are employed on a PAYE contract with the Agency
Teachers are then supplied on request
No liability as employers
If customers/Service are not happy with a Teacher they can get replaced by the agency
Increase contributions and emotional investment by teachers
This was discussed as ways to award and appreciate teachers who go above and beyond what is expected, and from that creating a culture where teachers are encouraged to do more.
It is important for Teachers to see that they are appreciated
There were suggestions of financial rewards to outstanding work
Provide a platform for teachers to show what they have done, with pictures and videos etc.
Potential issues if teachers are unwelcome…
Make sure that costs are covered
This issue was discussed as it is not yet something that Ensemble fully caters for.
Feeding in associated costs into Ensemble
Reflecting personal finance budgets



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