30 January 2013

Music Education Manager's Discussion Day Feedback

As more hubs use Paritor’s Ensemble system to manage their administration, we have become increasingly involved in facilitating debates and discussion between our customers on the common issues faced by Hubs. We have also been able to publicise the inventive solutions our customers have been able to develop in order to solve these issues. With the current situation these relationships are now more important than ever. On the 29th January 2013 Paritor hosted a discussion day in Worcester, to give an opportunity for hubs to openly discuss the issues surrounding Teacher Pay & Conditions, and the ACE Data Return.

The event was attended by representatives from over 20 different services throughout the country, and once again highlighted the variations of solutions as well as the collective passion and ingenuity that Music Services show in these challenging times. The services ranged from some of the largest in the country to some of the smallest, as well as a healthy mix of services who do use Paritor’s Ensemble system and those who do not.


The morning session concentrated on the issues surrounding Teacher Pay & Conditions. The attendees included services who were part of their local authority, services who were Charitable Trusts, Services who have Claim staff, some who had Contracted, services who only dealt with Self-Employed staff; as well as several who managed a combination of all three. As a result of this attendees were able to discuss the common issues and solutions that have been found for each of these methods of payment; the notes we made will be published in a later blog post for those who would like to see them.


The afternoon session was dedicated to discussing the ACE Data return, more specifically looking at questions 3 to 7. This session was an invaluable opportunity to discuss the solutions and issues that hubs had found on a national, rather than regional level. By tackling these specific questions the attendees were able to discover what the common issues were, and which questions required more clarification from ACE in order to avoid confusion and inconsistent data return. As with the morning session we have been able to collate some notes, which will be published in a later blog post.


The time limit of just a few hours per subject meant that these debates and exchanges or ideas are set to continue throughout the coming weeks and months, and the partnerships that were formed will strengthen. To help accommodate this continued discussion, Paritor were very pleased provide an online forum which will enable attendees to instantly discuss issues and solutions with each other, regardless of location. More information will be available on this feature over the coming week.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who came along to make this day possible, we found it to be both informative and thought-provoking. And we hope that through continuing to work together we can ensure the future of top quality music education.

Kind Regards

The Paritor Team

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