30 January 2013

Music Education Hubs: ACE data return

The purpose of the afternoon discussion was to analyse questions 3 – 6 of the ACE Data return. By looking at these we were able to debate the different issues and solutions in attaining the data requested by ACE.
As such we have created a list of issues, some of which will be taken to ACE for clarification.

Issues with Data Return

These are the common issues that attendees raised and were logged.
As the information will be coming from multiple sources, the risk of duplicating data is very high. This will distort the figures if there is not one rule on this issue that everyone must follow.
If figures are aggregated by partners before being submitted to the Hub, how can accurate continuation figures to be produced.
Does involvement in projects mean continuation?
If a Pupil is learning an instrument before First Access, then after the year or First Access they continue learning does that still count as Continuation?
Is there the possibility for a common letter to be sent out to all Schools to inform them of the importance of the Data Return?
Is this something ACE can help with or is that something the hubs will need to decide amongst themselves?
Can OFSTED ask schools to provide information to the hubs?
Is it possible to provide a sample of data (e.g. 50%) then submit assumptions from that figure?
Is there an age limit for statistics
What are the Data Borders/Criteria
For Ensembles, how are Pupils with multiple memberships to be counted? One per Pupil or one per Ensemble?
Clarification is needed on ‘Known to be Eligible’ for FSM and the ‘Statement of SEN’
With Assessment levels, there is an issue with the consistency of judgement by teachers
Also with Assessments, what about pupils with multiple instruments? If they have multiple assessment levels how is that to be documented?

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