30 January 2013

Data Hosting: Stopping snow destruction in its path!

It is true that the UK seems to ground to a halt every time there is the smallest flurry of snow. This can be detrimental to businesses across the UK.
Obviously, if a teacher can’t attend a lesson with a child then that’s one thing. But with the power of a hosted database it means that any of the administration and management information that is stored with Paritor Ensemble can be accessed anywhere, 24.7. Thus, making it possible for these teams to work even when they can’t get into work and hosting it on our database means that you get the benefit of faster access.

The benefits of data hosting doesn’t end there. Is your information being securely backed up? What would happen if you lost all of your information? Using a hosted database not only takes the hassle out of remembering to back up but the information is also kept on a highly secured server which has passed all of the security tests laid out by local authorities who have opted to use data hosting.  Further, more data hosting is likely to mean a reduction in capital costs as you don’t need to employ an IT team, time savings and scalability. It’s no wonder that a more and more of customers are opting to go ahead with data hosting with over 50% of them now choosing this service.

So can you really afford not to?

For more information please contact one of the team on 01395 445092 or email
sales@paritor.co.uk and we’ll be happy to go through it with you in more depth.  

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