15 January 2013

Be prepared for snow closure

The snow can be a massive disruption to the UK and this is not least in education. School closures are often not announced until the day as well as problems such as teachers not able to make lessons and reschedules or cover.

Text messages are an easy and quick way of getting messages out to pupils, parents and teachers and we are  offering you 10% off texts until the end of the week (18/01/13). If this is of interest to you please email sales@paritor.co.uk or call one of the team 01395 445092.

Here's how to use the SMS/Text facility:

To access the SMS sending screen, click Tools on the ribbon menu.

Fig 1. The ribbon menu with Send Text Message button highlighted
Clicking the SMS button yields this screen. Completing the Tel Number field adds this number to the list you are sending the messages to. Once the first number is in, populate the text box on the right hand side with your message. The program gives you a word count in the bottom right hand corner.

Fig 2. The send the SMS screen
Once your message is complete, click Send SMS, which will send the message to the recipients in the list. Of course, text messages are not unlimited; to purchase more, there is a service within the program.

Fig 3. The SMS Log screen with purchase button.
From this screen you can buy more texts, but the principal function of this screen is to act as the SMS Log, which catalogues all the text messages that are sent through the system. The group, filter and date drop down menus allow you to sift through the texts more efficiently, as the potential number of texts sent through a hub can be very large. When you click the purchase texts button you will see the following screen.

Fig 4. The text message purchase screen.
From here you can purchase more text messages and view the Log. The Log keeps track of all the texts that are sent out through your system, their dates and times. This is especially useful if you use the SMS service to remind teachers and parents of dates in their calendar.
Paritor also has an internal email service which has been covered in a previous blog, which can be found here.
Both these services allow you, the music service, further opportunities to connect with and inform your staff and pupils; the idea being that you’ll be able to use Paritor’s software as a one stop shop for administration. Keeping emails and the all-important SMS service within the program means fewer programs being open and higher productivity, a boon at this time of year!

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