13 December 2013

Christmas Opening

Just before we all head home there's time for a bit of Christmas Housekeeping. 

We will be closing for Christmas on Tuesday the 24th to return in 2014 on Thursday the 2nd. Support tickets raised during this time will not be responded to until we're back in on the second. 

We would like to thank everyone for a fantastic year and wish you a very 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Support Ticket Post

It seems that despite our campaign (#SantasRudolph) festive cheer has been effecting our customers... 

We are always delighted to receive positive comments though our support ticketing system and this month has been no different. 

Take a look at this dancing man on one of our support tickets this month!

Also- we love being called Paritor-istas. Keep them coming folks. 

Do you use Windows XP and Office 2003? Important Information

As of April 2014 Microsoft will cease to provide any support for Windows XP and Office 2003.

So what does this mean if you currently use this software?

System failure
As the hardware ages and support comes to an end for XP it is likely that there will be an increased chance of system failure. This potential downtime could have a serious impact on your business.

Problems installing new software
If you need to install new packages onto your computer it is likely that they may not run on XP. For example Office 2013 already isn't compatible with Windows XP. This will most likely cause you to run into time-consuming problems in the long term.

Without Windows security updates your computer will become more at risk of viruses, spyware and other malicious software. This has implications for the security of your data and the running of your business. Although you may have anti-virus software, there is a chance that this will not fully protect you when Windows XP becomes unsupported.

When WindowsXP becomes aged many support agencies will no longer be able to assist you in the same way when you run into difficulties. This, again, will effect the running of your business.

How can Texting Help my Organisation?

At Paritor, we're firm believers in the power of texting. It's great for keeping everyone informed and up-to-date with the latest information. It's also a fantastic tool for chasing debtors, marketing your organisation and helping to manage staff.
Interested in the power of SMS but not sure how it could work at your organisation?

Take a look at our short video by clicking the image below.

Text messaging at your school

Ensemble Manual Video Series

To make life easier for our customers in 2014 we'll be improving the way you access help with Ensemble. To achieve this, the team are developing a range of how-to videos which will accompany the manual. The video series will feature a range of short clips covering everything from navigating around the system to raising parental invoices.

So keep an eye out and we'll keep you posted.

The Paritor Team

12 December 2013

#SantasRudolph detective game

The team at Paritor have got a serious message to spread this December.

Most of you know what we're up to with our campaign #SantasRudolph. In fact, hundreds of you have been watching our video too:


Some of our campaigners however, prefer a more hands on approach! So we've been very busy here at Paritor HQ preparing our next instalment in the #santasrudolph series.

Get your detective coats on and join in with our interactive game here:


3 December 2013

A Serious Christmas Message from Paritor

This December we won't be sending you details of special offers to fill you with Christmas cheer. In fact, we won't even be wishing you a Merry Christmas because frankly, there are more serious things going on. This festive season we'll be asking you to join us in our campaign.

Against the
Trend of


This has gone on for far too long and it has to stop. If you wan't a more focused work force and a more serious Saturday Christmas shopping experience then help us with our campaign mission.

Here's how you can get involved:

1) Visit YouTube, watch the campaign video and spread the word
2) Tweet #santasrudolph
3) Ban all festive cheer and woven warmers

16 November 2013

A Reflection on the Music Show

It's been another busy week for the Paritor team as we book in more demos than ever before for our Celtic friends and continue the process of setting up Music Services with Ensemble. In our spare moments however we've been taking the opportunity to reflect on our weekend at the Manchester Music Show and establish what this means for our company as we move forward.

The Conference
As exhibitors at the Music Show, sponsors of the National Music Council Awards and attendees at the Music Mark Conference dinner we couldn't help but feel that the structure of the weekend was a little disjointed. On a more positive note though, what a splendid venue, both for the Show and for the Conference dinner. The very talented Bolton Youth String Ensemble were a fantastic accompaniment to the beautiful surroundings within Manchester Town Hall and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sit with  East Sussex during dinner, before going on to enjoy the company of several other hubs throughout the evening. Our photos from the evening can be found on our facebook page.

With the release of the Ofsted report we are once again being forced to look at music provision and how it can evolve through partnership working. Schooble educational networking (www.schooble.com) is a great tool for bringing education organisations together and promoting communication. The site is a fantastic place to create both a private forum for teachers/hub staff to share resources, best practice and challenges and to also create a public forum where parents, pupils, schools and services can access musical opportunities within the area and talk about what matters to them. Please, please, please if you have a moment take a look at our Schooble blog on Music Hub use and speak with the Team at Tameside who are embracing us wholeheartedly.

Utilization of Ensemble
It was great to catch up with so many friendly faces at the music show who have either just started with Ensemble or have been using the system for a number of years. As a company, it's a really exciting time for us because as Ensemble is evolving we are bringing yet more great solutions to our customers. Some of our most exciting developments include Live Teacher, which will now enable music services such as Knowsley to complete a lot of their day to day lesson admin from within classes. Although so many of our customers are now beginning to benefit from the latest way to use Ensemble we still feel that there's a lot of work to be done from us in terms of spreading this message. The principles of data hosting and tablet computing have so much to offer music services which ultimately will enable our customers to spend less time on their admin and more time on the music.

Our Team
The most positive feedback for us coming out of this weekend has been the kind words spoken about our team. As a company we are completely dedicated to our customers and to helping them operate in the best possible way. It was absolutely lovely to hear such positive remarks about the team from so many of our clients over the course of the weekend. Thank you very much- we like you too!

12 November 2013

The Paritor Movember Team

If you see any of our team looking a bit hairy over the next few weeks then don't panic, we haven't had a razor shortage in Devon we're just doing our bit for Movember! Our on the road consultants Ed and Will will be sporting their fashionable additions along with the rest of the crew at Paritor HQ. To find out more on why we're supporting Movember read about the cause here http://uk.movember.com/programs. Or to get behind the boys visit our team page http://moteam.co/paritor.

Data Hosting Discounts

At Paritor we are completely dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date and future proof technology. With several of our customers already using hosted data systems the benefits are clear to see. These users not only have greater peace of mind in the security of their data, but they also benefit from a more flexible way to operate.

Over the last few years the team at Paritor have established a range of administrative solutions for tuition providers. Developments such as Live Teacher and our mobile resources application are helping our customers to save time and to work more collectively. These developments are founded in cloud technology.

We are eager to help our customers access the benefits of cloud computing and as such we are offering exclusive reductions to customers who switch to data hosting before January 2014. If you would like to know more about the price and security of Data Hosting then we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with the team via email on info@paritor.co.uk or via phone on 01395 445092.

28 October 2013

Bad Weather- are You Prepared?

Last night the UK saw its worst storms since 1987. With wind speeds up to 80 mph we've woken up this morning to surface flooding, fallen debris and major travel disruptions. Thankfully this weather system has arrived during half-term thus minimizing any disruption for pupils, teachers and parents but how prepared are we to handle such occurrences during term time?

When disaster strikes reaching your parents and pupils in a limited time frame is of immediate priority. At Paritor we understand that it is at these very times when you need a communications system that you can rely on. As such, our company offers a range of simple solutions to assist you in your hour of need.

Using our communicative tools it is simple and affordable to reach your important people in real-time. With the click of a button you can send an SMS message which will reach all of your parents wherever they have a phone signal. Many schools and music services across the country use SMS messaging in a similar way with great success.

For example Gwent Music Service in Wales claim that the Ensemble SMS facility is "is ideal for cancellations of Music Centres due to bad weather, informing parents that their invoice is on its way, and staff notifications such as important reminders, prompts and urgent messages." whilst also commenting more generally that "Overall, the service saves us at least 10 hours a week in manpower, as well as printing and postage costs."

If you think that your organisation would benefit from real time communications and you would like to learn more about the solutions we offer at Paritor then please get in touch with our communications expert Danny Wordsworth on 01395 445092 or via email on danny@paritor.co.uk,

Photographers take a risk to get good shots of the storm waves along the coastline of South Wales

21 October 2013

Resource Management

At Paritor we understand the pressures of running a busy tuition service and we know that keeping track of your resources is no small part of this! That's why, we're proud to announce the launch of our brand new product Ensemble Resource Manager.

Our Resource Manager can be used on the move to enable you to know where your stock is, with whom and when. Keeping track of your instruments, sheet music and other equipment using a Ensemble Resource Manager will save you time and will ensure that you always have a clear picture of any hires, loans and repairs. What's more? It's really easy. Simply scan each instrument as it comes in and out of stock or select the location of it's whereabouts. 

Wave goodbye to missing resources or unidentifiable damages. Keeping your records up to date using the Ensemble Resource Manager is easy, affordable and unmissable. 

14 October 2013

Cloud Computing and Tuition Management

At Paritor we are passionate about providing our customers with the most up-to-date and secure solutions for their services. We achieve this by bringing innovative technologies to our customers and showing them how to use these to promote a more connected music or performing arts provision.

Over the last few months at Paritor we've been able to release some of our most exciting solutions yet including Live Teacher, Live Parent and Paritor Mobile resources. This new generation of products is based on The Cloud, a new technology which is enabling users to access the people and information they need wherever and whenever they need it.

But what is Cloud Computing really going to offer tuition providers?

At Paritor we believe in Cloud Computing and we believe that it represents a reliable and safe way for tuition providers to offer the best possible service and here's why:


  • Hosting your data on the Cloud enables you to access your data wherever you need it
  • It allows you to work from a variety of platforms and;
  • It ensures that whatever is going on in your offices (snow/strike) you will still be able to access the information you need from home

  • Holding your data in a box in your office isn't safe. Hosting your data on the cloud protects you from loss damage or theft of your important information.
  • Cutting edge data centre security procedures mean that you will benefit from economies of scale and will achieve a much higher level of data security than is obtainable in-house
  • Cloud hosted data is backed up daily, weekly, monthly and annually 


  • Hosted data solutions are often a lot more flexible financially. As opposed to buying a one off license you can now pay on a monthly basis and "bump-up" the number of users you pay for as your business grows.
  • Using Cloud solutions also means that you no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your systems or your data as everything is automatically upgraded.
  • Increase your independence from your IT department as more of the services you need are taken care of automatically


  • The most beneficial element of cloud computing is the ability to put more people in touch with the information they need wherever they need it. This is enabling us to bring together more people than ever before and enable your parents, teachers and schools to access real time information. 

If you're unsure exactly what the mysterious "cloud" is please see our blog post Cloud Computing for Dummies.

Cloud Computing for Dummies

With the world going mad for cloud computing are you keeping up with the jargon? At Paritor HQ there's a bunch of us who don't "speak tech" and that's why, with the help of our techno-geniuses we've put together this quick guide to explain what Cloud Computing is.

Historically, most data and information that schools, music services or teachers have has been held on a computer in the corner of the office. Sound familiar? We all feel comfortable with our data held in this way, somewhere you know, with the people you trust. But what happens if:

  • There is a fire at your school damaging your computers
  • You're the unfortunate victims of the most recent spate of PC burglaries 
  • The computer you hold your data on has a melt down
  • or even just that the office is closed because of snow

Cloud Computing experts would argue that in the above instances your data is better off with them.

At Paritor our cloud hosted data is stored in a highly secure data centre in Canary Warf. By storing our data in this way we make use of an economy of scale and can directly benefit from the data protection team at the data centre whose sole job is to protect our important information. Not only does this reduce liability for us but it also provides peace of mind because we know that our information is protected with cutting edge data security tools, a dedicated team and daily, weekly, monthly and annual back ups. This isn't something that ourselves or our customers have the resources to achieve in their own offices.

So if the data is actually in a data centre then where does the cloud come in? Cloud computing is a way of accessing your information through a complex network involving the internet. Instead of just accessing your data from the box in the corner, you now access your data via an internet connection. This gives you so many additional benefits which you can learn about in our Cloud Computing and Tuition Management blog post.

NMC Music Education Awards Ceremony

"The National Music Council sits at the centre of a complex network of national music organisations, and is a key organisation that exists to promote the interests of the music sector as a whole."

On the 15th of November we will be in Manchester supporting the National Music Council with their annual Music Education Awards. The Music Education Awards celebrate the 
Hubs and local authorities that are able to demonstrate imaginative, inclusive and all round high-quality music provision. 

We are delighted to be involved in the celebrations this year and to be sponsoring the New Music Award. The award recognizes a local authority or Music Education Hub that has undertaken especially imaginative and interesting work in the area of new music and/or composition, and has encouraged creativity as an important part of the music making of children and young people. We're very excited to meet with award winners Soundstorm and congratulate them on their achievements over the last year.

If you're not coming the awards then come and find us at the conference dinner afterwards in Manchester Town Hall.  

11 October 2013

Product Launch at the November Music Show

We're very excited to be presenting at the upcoming Music Show in association with Music Mark this November. Not only are we looking forward to catching up with some customers and talking about Live Teacher but we'll also be able to announce the launch of two brand new products!

Ensemble PDA Software


Ensemble Live Parent

Join us on stand C30 to learn all about our product range and to see how Ensemble could help you in your day to day tuition provision. 

7 October 2013

Five Ways With Texts

Do you make the most of the text messaging facility within Ensemble?

When you need to make contact with people in a limited time frame, texts can provide a great solution. As an Ensemble customer you can access texts directly from the software and get in touch with the people you need as soon as possible. There are loads of ways that our existing customers make use of the text facility but if you're not sure how they could help you with your service, here are some ideas.

  1. Email parents to let them know about emergency school closures
  2. Send overdue payment reminders
  3. Let parents know about upcoming concerts
  4. Remind pupils to bring instruments to lessons 
  5. Inform teachers about meetings or schedule changes

The text message facility within Ensemble is already there for you to use, if you'd like to find out more about how to make the most of this tool then please get in touch with Danny via danny@paritor.co.uk or on the phone via 01395 445092.

2 October 2013

Ensemble Live has Arrived!

After months of careful development we are pleased to be able to announce the launch of our Ensemble Live range.

The brand new Ensemble Live makes use of highly secure cloud technology by enabling users to access front end administrative tools on the move, saving your team time and expenditure. Ensemble Live tools can be accessed via iPads or PCs and enable users to access the information they need, wherever they need it. 

Our fantastic Live range consists of three innovative solutions:

Live Teacher
Access and update your schedules directly from lessons, complete registers remotely and record deliver and non-delivery of lessons.

Live Parent

Enter your children onto waiting lists for tuition, register for courses or events, pay for tuition online and keep track of how your children are getting along. 

Live School

Coming soon!

Online Demos

In response to our expanding client base we are very excited to be able to announce the launch of Ensemble365 online demos. 
By simply booking a time slot and visiting a website we can arrange for you to have an online demo and consultation with our Ensemble consultant Will Parslow. The demos take around 45 minutes and will showcase what Ensemble365 can offer and also how this could work specifically for your business. With some great feedback coming out of last weeks demos we're very keen to encourage users to make use of this online demo facility.

 For more information about our online demos or to book yours, please get in touch with Stacey on stacey@paritor.co.uk or via telephone on 01395 445092.

25 September 2013

Live Teacher is here!

Would your service benefit from real time communication with teachers? Use Live Teacher from as little as £4 per month.

Teachers can have their own, specifically designed account as an ad-on to the core Ensemble system, which will allow them to gain access to information and facilities relevant to them. These include:

* View Schedules and Timetable for all activities involving the teacher

* Record delivery and non-delivery of lessons

* View lesson registers

It provides remote access facilities for your Teachers via a secure and managed connection using both web pages and smart devices such as IPads and Android tablets.

To find out more please email sales@paritor.co.uk or call one of the team on 01395 445092


24 September 2013

Paritor to present at The Music Show this November

We are delighted to be presenting at this year’s The Music Show. Our session will be entitled ‘Getting Engaged in Music Education’.

This workshop will discuss the use of educational networking and what this means for partners, music services, music teachers, head teachers, parents and most importantly pupils. We will also explore methods for engaging hard to reach groups in music education including looked after children, disabled children and minority groups.

We look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to visit us in the exhibition hall!

16 September 2013

Paritor to host workshop at The Music Show 2013

Paritor will be hosting a workshop at the brand new music exhibition and education conference dedicated to music making in Manchester this November.

The workshop will be entitled “Getting Engaged in Music Education” and will aim to inspire leaders in music education, presenting them with new, innovative tools.

The Music Show will take place at Manchester Central on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November 2013 and will promote the benefits of music and showcase the latest products and services to musicians, educators and industry professionals.

The two-day exhibition is open to anyone who has a passion for making music from aspiring bands, musicians and industry professionals to teachers, students and their families.

To find out more please visit: http://music-show.co.uk/cms/ or www.paritorensemble.com

Music Education Council's new mission statement

Paritor is proud to be a member of the Music Education Council. Following the first Executive Committee meeting of the new business year the Chair and Committee have developed a refreshed mission statement for the Music Education Council which aims to articulate the organisation's USP. So here it is ….

What is MEC?

The Music Education Council (MEC) acts as a medium for bringing together in a working relationship those organisations and institutions in the United Kingdom involved in music education and music education training, thereby creating a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information and the promotion of joint or connected activities.

As the umbrella body for organisations connected with music education in the United Kingdom and the UK’s representative body for ISME and other international organisations, MEC is uniquely placed to represent the music education sector. MEC’s strength is its capacity to unite all those who wish to make a difference to the lives of children and adults through the power of music.

What does MEC do?

A survey of MEC members (2013) showed that MEC performs an important service by being a balanced point of reference and secure source of information for what is going on in the wider music sector beyond the particular interests of the individual member organisations.

  • provides a common meeting ground and opportunities for the exchange of information
  • arranges events to discuss important aspects of music education
  • promotes research in music education, and its impact on policy and practice
  • attends and contributes to major UK forums, conferences and committees
  • contributes to public debate and responds to current issues on music education
  • advocates on behalf of music education and training
  • represents the views of its membership to all relevant government and statutory bodies
  • works collaboratively with other national and international organisations to further the cause of music education
  • represents UK music education at international events

How does MEC do that?

In carrying out the above activities MEC operates in three ways:

·         Proactive: raising issues of relevance to music education.
·         Reactive: responding in support of music education to policies and practices that impact on music education.

But, above all, MEC is

 ·         Representative: articulating the range of views within the sector.

Through facilitating discussion and debate MEC enables the sector to be better informed about the views different parts of the sector hold, including understanding why those differences exist.  MEC helps to find common ground where possible and, following consultation with its members, the MEC executive determines how best to move forward where there is disagreement.

MEC 2013 to 2016 will be addressing:
  • The school music curriculum
  • Funding for music education in and out of school 2015 to 2016
  • Funding and policy development for music education 2015 to 2020 and beyond

3 September 2013

Managing courses, trips and events #Ensemble365iscoming

Managing courses, trips and events can be a very complicated process. Using Ensemble you can organise events lasting from a short period of time to several weeks straight from the software where all of your information is already held.

  • Associate an event with a school or a centre, define when the event takes place, which teachers are involved, event costings and the pupils taking part.
  • Manage transportation used to get pupils to and from an event. Ideal for organising anything from summer schools to trips abroad.

Ensemble 365 is coming!


Managing your pupil information #Ensemble365iscoming

Pupils are core to your business, you need to know who they are, what they are doing, how they are progressing and the exams they have taken or are about to take. In fact you need the full picture and with Ensemble that is exactly what you get.

  • Keep all aspects of your pupil records on one database. Include basic information such as contact details, medical and dietary requirements together with other important information. All of this information will be backed up by Ensemble.

  • Record a full history of all pupil tuition including the activity, the dates, their attendance and the progress made.

  • Add pupils to waiting lists if there is no space for a new pupil in a particular activity and then analyse lists for your current tuition requirement.

  • Add pupils as members of groups e.g. orchestras.

  • Define your own assessment levels and assign these to pupil lesson records. Then analyse specific factors associated with pupil progression such as lesson tutor or wider activity involvement.

  • Record which pupils are entered into exams and update these records with the results.
Ensemble 365 is coming

Managing Groups #Ensemble365iscoming

In addition to managing the tuition you provide, Ensemble will also keep track of all your groups, such as bands and dance troupes.

  • Define the activities the groups undertake, the teachers involved, the time spent and other details.
  • Maintain a list of current and past members for each group.
  • Use this information to easily produce member lists or send out communications using the correspondence facility.
Ensemble 365 is coming

Managing your timetables #Ensemble365iscoming

Timetables define all the tuition provided, linking teachers with venues such as schools and centres. They show dates and times when lessons take place, groups rehearse and perform, and when courses are run. They also define the pattern of tuition, frequency and duration. From this information the system produces diary entries showing what tuition is taking place each day, where and with whom.

Ensemble 365 is coming!

2 September 2013

Live School #Ensemble365iscoming

With Ensemble 365 Schools will be able to:

• View timesheets listing teacher hours
• View all pupils enrolled in activities
• Track pupil progression
• Pay for tuition

Ensemble 365 is coming!

Managing Schools and Centres #Ensemble365iscoming

Hold detailed records on all your schools and centres including various contact information which is backed up online with Ensemble.

• Easily send emails or write to various contacts and record details of this correspondence.

• View and maintain all activities that take place from school/centre records or from the associated teacher records.

• Create a diary for each school which can be easily viewed and amended.

• Enter and change detailed information about each activity in the same way as you would from the teacher’s record. Details of the participating pupils can also be included, encompassing information on who is paying for the tuition and the rate that they should be charged.

Ensemble 365 is coming!

Hints and Help: Entering a Hire Batch

We have made a new update to Ensemble which will easily allow you to produce a batch of hires to a school. This will help save considerable time since you won’t have to enter each hire agreement individually. Simply select the instruments in the instrument group that will be hired to the school. In this blog post, we will introduce this feature and walk through an example.

There is a new button called Enter School Hire Batch and this can be accessed by:

Console Ribbon Menu > Instruments > Enter School Hire Batch

Clicking on this button will produce the window below


Here we are hiring our selection to “A School”

Currently inside the RED BOX we have selected the Allocate tab to define our allocation criteria. We have chosen “Clarinet” as our Instrument Group and 29/08/2013 as the Hire Date. Furthermore we have a Charge called “Hire” which is used when instruments are lent out. If we didn’t charge and hired for free, then this dropdown menu will be greyed out.

The GREEN BOX now displays the available instruments that our school can hire. Since we chose “Clarinet” as our Instrument Group, it will list Clarinets. To select the instruments agreed to hire simply click the specific tickbox on the row of the required instrument. Alternatively, clicking the tickbox next to “Hire” at the top will select all the instruments.

We’re nearly finished.

Now we will choose a return date. Click Return next to the Allocate tab. The window will now change to the one below:

Inside the RED BOX we can see that 31/10/2013 has been selected as the “Return Date”.

Above is a table for completed returns. As you can see this is empty indicating that this is the first batch hire to be done.

27 August 2013

Using texts for communicating with teachers, parents and students

Reminders are great for sending gentle nudges for tasks that need to be done in the future. However when faced with an exhausting list of recipients, this quickly becomes a very daunting and tedious undertaking. Sending Texts in Ensemble is perfect for all reminders that need to be done quickly and easily making very light work of this, especially during busy periods such as when schools re-open.

Use texts to remind:

1.       Pupils that have instruments on hire that need returning in a week.

2.       Pupils that have exams looming

3.       Parents that will have invoices sent near the end of the term

4.       Teachers that have timesheets which need completing
All these actions can be performed by:

Selecting the appropriate Record Card > Communicate > Text individual or a selection

Paritor session at Music Mark NW Conference 2nd September

Embracing modern technology, using Cloud computing to create the next generation of Music Administration - Paritor   

This workshop will explore and explain the possibilities of using the latest technology to revolutionise music education and administration. We will be looking at the idea and tools available to start using software as a service to customers; including topics on Cloud computing, Online lesson and pupil management, online payments and creating a paperless environment.


20 August 2013

#Security How safe is your information? #Ensemble365iscoming

Saving your information on a laptop or a local server can sometimes be perceived as safer. In reality, storing information locally can be dangerous, if a fire or another disaster occurred the information would be lost and generally bacing up information needs to be done manually. Staff can occasionally lose laptops along with all of the information that is stored. These problems are heightened when we are talking about the security of pupil information.

Instead when an organisation moves its data to the cloud it means that this information can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Cloud computing is designed to improve your organisation’s defences, ultimately because of the huge amount of money that is spent on securing their data centre infrastructure, and keeping their customers' data safe. Cloud computing means that organisations can benefit from economies of scale, they can afford to invest in the latest solutions and preventative approaches, whereas relatively few individual businesses can to the same degree.
To find out more about Ensemble 365 and how it can work for you, please call one of the team on 01395 445092 or email info@paritor.co.uk.


Pupil information Security #Ensemble365iscoming

Ensemble 365 includes loads of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data will always belong to you, Ensemble 365 enables you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it. We guarantee exceptional security and guarantees you reliable access to your data with 99.9% uptime.

·         Everything is backed up

·         You own and control your data

·         Increased security and reliability

·         Strong encryption and authentication

To find out more about Ensemble 365 and how it can work for you, please call one of the team on 01395 445092 or email info@paritor.co.uk.


#CloudforTeachers Connecting the classroom to the back office #Ensemble365

Ensemble 365 provides a central, easy web-based system, automatic absence analysis and notification, and central summary data for legal and data returns.

Teachers can access Ensemble 365 on iPhones, tablets and laptops offering flexibility and mobility. Scaled pricing makes Ensemble 365 accessible to everyone, from larger service to independent teachers.

At the teacher level, Ensemble 365 provides an electronic version of a class attendance register. It also provides features for making notes and recording incidents as well as student attendance. For administrators, the teacher login will talk to the central system updating records automatically.

To find out more about Ensemble 365 and how it can work for you, please call one of the team on 01395 445092 or email info@paritor.co.uk.


19 August 2013

#CloudforTeachers Benefits of online teacher timesheets and registers through #Ensemble365

  • Reduced paper work, minimise administration and work towards a paperless environment
  • Administrators can approve timesheets online, allowing teachers to review timesheets at the first opportunity
  • Ensemble 365 is simple to use for teachers, allowing them to access their own personal portal. 
  • Ensemble 365 is reliable and accurate and will eliminate the issue of lost paper timesheets 
  • Administrator can easily view historical data in one central place, saving time and effort
To find out more about Ensemble 365 and how it can work for you, please call one of the team on 01395 445092 or email info@paritor.co.uk.


#CloudforTeachers Real time communication between teachers and admin #Ensemble365iscoming

Ensemble365 has been designed to bridge the gap in the communication of real time information between admin staff and teachers.  Teachers can now complete timesheets and registers online, saving time for both parties.

Teachers can log-in to their own secure online portal which will allow them to update their timesheets and registers from anywhere and at any time. Admin staff will no longer be waiting around for teachers to visit the office or post their timesheets and registers instead they will have access to this real –time information.
To find out more about Ensemble 365 and how it can work for you, please call one of the team on 01395 445092 or email info@paritor.co.uk.