13 April 2012

Paritor Hub Partner Road Show

Hi All
As you know, the Paritor/FMS Hub Management Conference was held on the 5th and 6th of March at the Beeches Conference Centre in Birmingham. Delegates attended to address the issues faced with the transformation into Hubs this September. The presentations on Data Protection and the Common Pupil Dataset were recorded and are now available to see, along with the Panel Discussion and Breakout Session notes, from the link below.
As you may also be aware, Paritor Ltd have released two 'free to use' pieces of software, for use by Lead Hubs and Hub Partners. These have been created to help tackle the problem of collating the necessary information from Hub Partners to be sent to the Arts Council England. Both pieces of software are also available to download from the page.

The Paritor FMS Conference was held for the Hub Leaders, but the issues discussed and solutions posed will also affect your Hub Partners.
During the last two weeks of May, we will be holding a FREE Hub Partner road show. We will be appearing all over the country to demonstrate Paritor Hub Partner, the free data collection tool designed to solve the issue of securely collating pupil and lesson information from Hub Partners.
Each local session will be for a small number of people, approximately two hours long, and will look at how the Hub Manager and Partner Tools will assist in the collation of Pupil Data required by the Arts Council England. This provides an excellent opportunity for your Hub Partners to see the tools and support that is available to assist in this task.
Below are the dates and locations for the road show. There will be limited spaces on each location and so booking is essential. We recommend that you attend and invite your main Hub Partners to come too.

Date Morning Afternoon
Monday 21st May Bristol Birmingham
Tuesday 22nd May Liverpool Manchester
Wednesday 23rd May Newcastle Tees-side
Thursday 24th May Leeds
Friday 21st May
Monday 28th May London London
Tuesday 29th May Brighton Southampton
To book a place at any locations or if you have any more questions please email Georgie Stevens

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