17 November 2011


On 1 December, at the Royal Academy of Music, Aberdeenshire, Devon, East Renfrewshire, Lincolnshire and Southampton will be awarded Diplomas of Merit for their outstanding commitment to jazz education in 2010/11. Devon’s reward for a remarkable record of five diplomas on the trot, three of which were accorded special merit status, will be a special trophy awarded by Paritor Ltd (sponsors of the NMC/MEC music awards scheme, see below).

Ivor Widdison, Chair of the Awards Panel and his colleagues on the Panel, Andrea Vicary, Trinity Laban College of Music & Drama, Dr Catherine Tackley, Open University and Bill Martin, Yamaha Music Education Manager pay tribute to the above Music Services and to those of Bolton, East Riding, Gloucestershire, Kirklees, Manchester, Oxfordshire, Perth & Kinross, Tower Hamlets and Wigan who in opening windows to the world of music reveal also the very special joys of jazz.

For further information please contact Ivor Widdison by email: ivorwiddison@yahoo.co.uk

14 November 2011

NMC Music Education Awards 2011


Sponsored by Paritor Ltd

The National Music Council (NMC) Local Authority Music Education Awards 2011 took place on Monday 7 November 2011 at London's Southbank Centre.

To read more about the awards or to view the pictures, please visit www.paritor.com

2 November 2011

Hints & Help: Sending Emails from Paritor Software

Hello all and welcome to the return of the Hints & Help blog. The plan is to reinstate this as a regular feature keeping you up to date with the latest new features and tips with all of our Software.

The blog today is on a simple but important topic: Emails. Many of you already use the system to send out emails, but very few are aware of all the different ways it can be done.

Before we get started on the different ways you can send out emails, I first want to mention how you set them up. To send emails from the system. There are two older Hints & Help blogs that will help you out on this. To find out how to set your SMTP settings click here. And if you want to know how to add your Email signature click here.

Sending Basic Emails

You can send emails to anyone by going to the Ribbon Menu and selecting Tools –> Send Email.
Then simply enter the recipient and message text as you would with any email. It is important to note that any emails you send from here will not be logged in anyone’s Correspondence, even if they have the same email you have entered.

Sending Emails from a Record Card

You can send an email directly to a recipient from their Record Card. All you need to do is go to the Communicate tab at the top


and select the Email icon on the top left hand side. Anything sent from here will be logged in the Correspondence tab of that Record Card. Note that you can also send Texts, Letters, produce Mail Merges and print Labels from this tab. For more information about the Correspondence tab click here.

Emailing  a Selection from Paritor Insight

Once you have data in Paritor Insight, either from an Extract or selecting Email Selection you can filter and group the data in any number of ways; for example by School Year or Postcode, once you are happy that you have a list of people you would like to contact you can click the Email icon on the top right hand side of the menu.


You will then be able to send an email to a list of recipients, all of whom will have the email logged in their Correspondence tabs. When you use the system to multiple recipients it sends one email to each recipient which means that they will never see the other email addresses of the other people you contacted.

Sending Emails to Pupils in a Lesson

The final option I want to tell you about is how to Email all Pupils in a Lesson. This can be done from the lesson itself. Simply open up the lesson, select the Pupil view and click Email Pupils on the top left hand side


This will allow you to send an email to all the Pupils in that particular lesson.

I hope that you have found this week’s Hints & Help blog interesting, if you have any questions or thoughts please comment, call us on 01395 445092 or email us at support@paritor.co.uk for more information.

Thanks for reading this Hints & Help blog. Hopefully it will return next week, if you would like the Blog to stay please let us know!

1 November 2011


The National Music Council (NMC) have announced that they will celebrate the National Music Council Local Authority Music Education Awards 2011 on Monday 7 November 2011 at the Southbank Centre in London. These important Awards highlight the work of local authority music departments throughout Britain and are sponsored for the first time by Paritor Limited.

The Major Trophy has been awarded to Blackpool for outstanding work during the past year.
Andrew White, Music Adviser, Blackpool said “The prestigious NMC Major Trophy Award will have a massive positive impact upon all involved in Blackpool Music Service. This award will allows us to collectively celebrate our achievements, have pride in what we do and, increase our personal aspirations. We are proud and elated by this wonderful news”.

Diplomas of Merit have been awarded to Bolton, Devon, East Ayrshire, East Lothian, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Southampton, Staffordshire and Tower Hamlets and will be presented by Darren Henley the Managing Director of Classic FM. The PRS Foundation will be awarding a Diploma of Special Merit to East Lothian for their commitment to creative music making.

Jazz Services will be recognising a commitment to jazz education through their Will Michael Awards which, will be announced separately.

Robin Osterley, Chair of the Awards Panel, said: “We were delighted that this year’s award scheme elicited more applications than we have ever had before, and we are very grateful to all those Local Authorities who took the trouble to apply in the midst of a very busy schedule. At a time when music education is undergoing a comprehensive review, and when financial pressures are so great, we would do well to remember that there are so many Authorities out there doing their level best, sometimes with limited resources, to provide outstanding opportunities for young people to learn music, and most importantly, make music. We should also make special mention of our sponsors Paritor, who have been so incredibly helpful in this year’s scheme, and express our lasting gratitude to them.”

Mark Pemberton Chairman, NMC, said “The NMC Awards scheme is the most prestigious awards that Local Authorities can obtain for their music education provision. It’s excellent news that the number of submissions was so high and the winners are to be congratulated on their achievements.”

The NMC LA Music Education Awards Scheme (co-ordinated with the assistance of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and the Federation of Music Services) has been in existence for over 35 years. The Council is grateful to the PRS Foundation and Jazz Services for their commitment to music education through their awards for creative music-making and jazz education respectively.


For further information or to attend the Awards please contact
Harriette Goldsmith
National Music Council
Tel 01707 662662

Notes for Editors:
Founded in 1953 under the auspices of the International Music Council and UNESCO, the National Music Council sits at the centre of a complex network of national music organisations many with their own extensive memberships. Membership is drawn from all areas of the music business and is open to organisations with an interest in music and its development in the UK.

Through the annual awarding of a Major Trophy and a variable number of Diplomas, the Council seeks to provide recognition for those LAs that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to music education provision in a particular year. Reports from previous years can be found at:

Over the course of three decades Paritor has evolved to a powerful software company, imperative in the working lives of many performing arts educators. The company’s mission is to assist with the management of education within performing arts, allowing them to run as successful and efficient businesses. To ensure that Paritor remains a leader in its field they incorporate innovative technologies, pioneering business practises as well as implementing the opinions and ideas of performing arts educators on how the software could be improved so that the products are constantly evolving.
Simon Dutton, Managing Director of Paritor says of the awards ‘Paritor are proud to sponsor the National Music Council’s Local Authority Music Education Awards. As the UK’s leading supplier of management software for music services we understand the importance of being able to provide inspirational music education for young people and also help services face the difficulties presented through a lack of resources. The NMC awards recognise the outstanding opportunities provided by music services and so we felt that it would be an ideal collaboration, a chance to give praise to, shine a light on and encourage the greatest music education.’