27 September 2011

Trombone Day at ArtsForms Music & Arts Service (Leeds)

Trombone Day – 4th October

ArtForms Music & Arts Service (Leeds) & The British Trombone Society are holding a day for young trombonists of any level, including workshops and performances from Black Dyke Band trombone section – open to any player in full-time education The day is free to attend, and players can be from anywhere in the UK – more info: http://www.artformsleeds.co.uk/clients/artforms/MODULES/NEWS/NEWSMOD_newsitem.asp?itemid=168

1 September 2011

Music GCSE/A-level results 2011

Statistics released by the BBC compare Music GCSE/A level results for both 2010 and 2011.

Music Education split in Bedfordshire

Two new music services have been launched this term in the Bedfordshire area, Bedford Borough Music Service and Central Bedford Music Service. Previously these two service were amalgamated and ran by Richard Hart, but due to budget cuts there have been a change to the way that they operate and a split between the new unities.

Richard Hart will run Bedford Borough whilst his previous deputy Chris Jones is set to take over Central Bedford.

Both service will continue to use Ensemble and Simon, our MD has been to the Bedfordshire area to visit with both the services and to assist with an easy transition.

Resource Management System

This term sees the launch of our brand new product which will add to the Live series, the Resource Management System. The RMS will allow you to access real time information about the resources you hold by using a hand held device and barcode scanner which syncs with the core Ensemble database. At the touch of a button it will be possible to check out instruments and other resources to students and teachers or even for repair. When an instrument has come to the end of it's life, you can then write offf as well as doing a usage analysis.

It is an excellent way of being able to keep track of your resources and therefore eliminate loss of instruments, which costs some services thousands each year unnecessarily. But, additionally it provides you with access to invaluable information, such as an accurate real time stock check and the ability to analyse the popularity of each group of instruments and future investment decisions.