8 June 2011

Paritor 2011, The year so far.....

Paritor Ltd is an independent software house based in the Southwest. We specialise in developing software designed to handle the management and administration of music and performing arts related businesses. Over the course of three decades, Paritor has evolved and is now imperative in the working lives of many performing arts educators. Today, Paritor is the UK leader in management and administration software for educators in the performing arts sector. We provide software for individual teachers and local authority performing arts services as well as for studios, schools and academies.

Our software is based in the back office of the music and performing arts education world, an area that is often overlooked and perhaps at times, undervalued. It is this area that is often pivotal to cost savings with the necessity of having an efficient management structure in place.

This year has been crucial for Paritor, the current economic climate has meant that more and more establishments are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the level of service that they deliver. Demand for our software has increased far beyond levels previously experienced. Further, many of these businesses are now changing shape and it has been a fantastic time to launch our new product, Academy. Academy has been developed at the hands of music, dance and drama schools, and is designed specifically for all performing arts establishments not funded by local authorities.

The future is continuing to look very bright for Paritor, excitement is brewing amongst our customers and prospects with the development of Live. Live will allow parents and teachers to interact with the database through smart phone apps and online portals. A couple of the features include online parent applications and an app for teachers to do their registers. Parents, teachers and pupils will also be able to communicate through the use of technology to keep updated with how the child is progressing and any issues that might arise.

The aim of Live is to effectively make the job of the administration much easier, eliminate double entry and increase communication.

We see it our role like many others in the music education sector, to continuously raise awareness of the importance of music education. This year we are sponsoring the National Music Council Local Authority Music Awards, and a vital element of this will be to make them even more high profile and help to showcase the achievements outside the sector, something which is critical to the fight for future funding.

Additionally this year we are sponsoring Music as Therapy International as our Charity of the Year 2011. The main part of this will be a competition ‘Make Yourself Heard’. This will be a nationwide competition to help all music educators shout about the fantastic work they are doing.

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