9 June 2011

Dick Hallam's response to: What's happening about Henley's recommendations?

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What's happening about Henley's recommendations?

Is it me, or have things gone rather quiet since Darren Henley filed his report with the DfE and they released their response? Does anyone, anywhere, know what is happening in response to any of this recommendations? In particular, what about this National Plan for Music Education? If there was one initiative that you thought might happen out of all this, then this was it. Anyone got any news on this, the steering group constitution, etc?

A. You are right. Things have gone quiet. However, as far as I am aware the Government is on track for delivering in line with its commitments in response to Henley:

There was a promise to deliver more information about partnership working 'within 6 months' and I believe that will be kept to. If colleagues are interested in partnership working, I have just had a research article published entitled 'Effective Partnership Working in Music Education' in the International Journal of Music Education (May 2011).

All other comments regarding action by the Government were 'over the coming months'. So again there is every indication that this is happening behind the scenes. Colleagues involved in In Harmony, for example, are about to be interviewed with regard to funding for September and beyond in line with the Henley Recommendation.

The latest I heard is that something will be consulted upon this side of the summer break, and that a final plan will be produced 'late summer' in time to enable funding for 2012 and beyond to be sorted out.

I am sure we will all hear the moment anything is available, in the meantime, I believe the same colleagues who are working on the National Plan for Music Education have been busy with the culture review, with one exception - i.e. me! I have been busy visiting LAs around the country challenging and supporting them in meeting the requirements of the Music Education Grant, which is the route through which former Standards Fund ctivity is being funded in 2011/2012, and then reporting back to the DfE on a monthly basis.

I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

Dick Hallam

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