29 June 2011

'Selling your music service'

Marc Jaffrey, Think Again Media will be running a one day course for Heads of Music Services, senior leaders or anyone in the service regularly going to schools who is builidng relationships that will influence sales decisions.

There are two dates available:

  • 29th Sept, Birmingham

  • 30th Sept, London

For more information please visit www.thinkagainmedia.co.uk

NMC Awards Reminder

The deadline for entries to the National Music Council Local Authority Music Education Awards scheme is Friday 12th August. The scheme recognises those authorities that are able to demonstrate imaginative, inclusive and all round high-quality music provision in a particular year. For more information please visit www.paritor.com/ NMCAWARDS

Easy transition

Our customer relations survey revealed that more could be done to support services with the transition of data into the new Ensemble system. In response we have developed many new ways to assist.

This month we have released an easy and stressfree system of importing the data into Ensemble as well as a very comprehensive help and reference guide which is available in an interactive and easily searchable format at hand 24 hours a day.

'Make Yourself Heard' Competition

This year Paritor is proud to be supporting Music as Therapy International, a small charity which takes some of the benefits of music therapy to vulnerable children and adults around the world. Our main fundraising event is a nationwide competitioin for performing arts organisations. Each organisation will be invited to submit a 60 second ad promoting their business and showcasing their work. These films will then go to public vote and the winner will receive a golden package of prizes as well as featuring on the homepage of the site. After the voting has ended the site will turn into a searchable directory. If you are interested in applying please email charity@paritor.co.uk.

22 June 2011

What does the Ebacc mean for music?

There is a danger that keeping the English Baccalaureate as it now stands could make it 'impossible' for those studying GCSEs to have the option of music. This news comes following a report from a leading body, the Incoporated Society of Musicians.

Deborah Annetts, CE of ISM: 'Without music GCSE being given the weighting it deserves, our cultural and creative economy will be put at risk, and young people who want to be involved in the music sector will have their efforts hampered'

The ISM noted that teachers have already reported a drop in students taking GCSE music. For more information please visit: www.ism.org.

M & iCon 11 deemed great success by delegates

The17th May marked our first ever Management and Innovation Conference, and performing arts educators from all over the UK including Northern Ireland met at the Royal Opera House. The conference was a huge success and covered many important topics from operational innovation to what is needed to secure a successful music education hub.

To find out more about the day, the presentations or the presenters themselves please visit www.paritor.com.

Music Educators' Orchestra launched in Dublin

Designed to sustain music educators both musically and creatively. Members will play a range of works including imaginative "open score" pieces to classical "minatures" to new arrangements, allowing all members to gain creative ideas and exercises to use themselves.


National Music Council Local Authority Music Education Awards 2011

This month applications forms and letters have gone out for the awards, which are sponsored by Paritor.

If you have not yet recieved an application form you can download one from www.paritor.com.

9 June 2011

Dick Hallam's response to: What's happening about Henley's recommendations?

Posted on the Teaching Music forum, for more great discussion about music education please visit: www.teachingmusic.org.uk.

What's happening about Henley's recommendations?

Is it me, or have things gone rather quiet since Darren Henley filed his report with the DfE and they released their response? Does anyone, anywhere, know what is happening in response to any of this recommendations? In particular, what about this National Plan for Music Education? If there was one initiative that you thought might happen out of all this, then this was it. Anyone got any news on this, the steering group constitution, etc?

A. You are right. Things have gone quiet. However, as far as I am aware the Government is on track for delivering in line with its commitments in response to Henley:

There was a promise to deliver more information about partnership working 'within 6 months' and I believe that will be kept to. If colleagues are interested in partnership working, I have just had a research article published entitled 'Effective Partnership Working in Music Education' in the International Journal of Music Education (May 2011).

All other comments regarding action by the Government were 'over the coming months'. So again there is every indication that this is happening behind the scenes. Colleagues involved in In Harmony, for example, are about to be interviewed with regard to funding for September and beyond in line with the Henley Recommendation.

The latest I heard is that something will be consulted upon this side of the summer break, and that a final plan will be produced 'late summer' in time to enable funding for 2012 and beyond to be sorted out.

I am sure we will all hear the moment anything is available, in the meantime, I believe the same colleagues who are working on the National Plan for Music Education have been busy with the culture review, with one exception - i.e. me! I have been busy visiting LAs around the country challenging and supporting them in meeting the requirements of the Music Education Grant, which is the route through which former Standards Fund ctivity is being funded in 2011/2012, and then reporting back to the DfE on a monthly basis.

I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

Dick Hallam

8 June 2011

Paritor 2011, The year so far.....

Paritor Ltd is an independent software house based in the Southwest. We specialise in developing software designed to handle the management and administration of music and performing arts related businesses. Over the course of three decades, Paritor has evolved and is now imperative in the working lives of many performing arts educators. Today, Paritor is the UK leader in management and administration software for educators in the performing arts sector. We provide software for individual teachers and local authority performing arts services as well as for studios, schools and academies.

Our software is based in the back office of the music and performing arts education world, an area that is often overlooked and perhaps at times, undervalued. It is this area that is often pivotal to cost savings with the necessity of having an efficient management structure in place.

This year has been crucial for Paritor, the current economic climate has meant that more and more establishments are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve the level of service that they deliver. Demand for our software has increased far beyond levels previously experienced. Further, many of these businesses are now changing shape and it has been a fantastic time to launch our new product, Academy. Academy has been developed at the hands of music, dance and drama schools, and is designed specifically for all performing arts establishments not funded by local authorities.

The future is continuing to look very bright for Paritor, excitement is brewing amongst our customers and prospects with the development of Live. Live will allow parents and teachers to interact with the database through smart phone apps and online portals. A couple of the features include online parent applications and an app for teachers to do their registers. Parents, teachers and pupils will also be able to communicate through the use of technology to keep updated with how the child is progressing and any issues that might arise.

The aim of Live is to effectively make the job of the administration much easier, eliminate double entry and increase communication.

We see it our role like many others in the music education sector, to continuously raise awareness of the importance of music education. This year we are sponsoring the National Music Council Local Authority Music Awards, and a vital element of this will be to make them even more high profile and help to showcase the achievements outside the sector, something which is critical to the fight for future funding.

Additionally this year we are sponsoring Music as Therapy International as our Charity of the Year 2011. The main part of this will be a competition ‘Make Yourself Heard’. This will be a nationwide competition to help all music educators shout about the fantastic work they are doing.

2 June 2011

We need your help!

This year Paritor is proud to be supporting Music as Therapy International, a small charity which takes some of the benefits of music therapy to vulnerable children and adults around the world. Our main fundraising event is a nationwide competition for performing arts schools and it is with this than I am appealing for your help.

In Sept we will be inviting students from every performing arts school, academy, service and teacher to create a 60 second advertisement promoting their business and showcasing their work. All entries will be uploaded to the web and judged by public vote – it’s these votes that will raise the money Music as Therapy International so badly need. Ultimately the website will become a searchable directory of performing arts schools. Whilst this will be a great incentive for schools to take part, we are currently seeking prizes for the most popular entry, in order to encourage as much voting as possible – to raise as much money as possible.

We are putting together a Golden Package of prizes for the winning school and students. This is where you come in! Could you donate a prize?

In return for your support, your company will be featured prominently on the front page of the competition website. We will also include a biography in the Partners’ Section of the site, with links to your website. There will also be the option for you to be part of the emails, mailshots and the social media campaign if you wish. And of course you’ll get that warm glow!

I would be extremely grateful for any support you are able to give to this exciting competition. With your help, this competition will attract great interest among the students and staff invited to participate and, most importantly, help Music as Therapy International take their impressive work to children and adults in Romania, Rwanda, Georgia and Peru through the projects they have planned this year.

I look forward to hearing from you and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. If you would like more information on Music as Therapy International please visit their website: www.musicastherapy.org. I hope you’ll be as impressed by their work as we are here at Paritor.

Exeter Academy Roadshow Information Confirmation