19 May 2011

Paritor sponsor the National Music Council's Local Authority Music Awards 2011

This year marks the first year that Paritor are to sponsor the Local Authority Music Award's hosted by the National Music Council. It is the Council grand event, and this year it is set to be even bigger. With the future of funding uncertain for many music services, it imperative that they show their achievements in a bid to compete for the limited funds available.

Calender of Activity:

  • May 2011: Call for entries

  • September 2011: Judging by the Awards Panel

  • November 2011: Awards Ceremony

(Provisional dates)

The award categories:

Major Awards: Prestigious prize of the major trophy which is awarded for the high-quality music provison to young people in schools. Awarded to a maximum of two, last year it was East Ayrshire and Devon.

Dipolma of Merit: Awarded for high commitment to music making and providing outstanding opportunities for young people to learn music, and most importantly, make music.

PRS Foundation Award: A Diploma of Special Merit for commitment to creative music making, last year awarded to Glasgow.

Jazz Services Award: On the Jazz side, Jazz Services recognise a commitment to jazz education through their Will Michael Awards.

Paul Wood, East Ayrshire (2010 winners of the major trophy):

'It's always an honour to take part in the NMC awards as it gives the authority a chance to reflect upon the work that has been done. To be jointly awarded the Major Trophy is a real privilege'


The awards have been in existence for nearly 20 years and last year attracted 15 entries. It is an exciting opportunity for music services to celebrate achievements from pupils and staff. This year they will be even more significant, in a time when the future of funding is uncertain it is crucial to be able to showcase the importance of music education. As part of the sponsorship we will be working with the National Music Council to increase the profile of the awards and hopefully assist in raisng the profile of music education.

Mark Pemberton, Chair of the National Music Council

“We are delighted that Paritor have agreed to sponsor the NMC’s local authority music education awards. These awards provide recognition for those Local Education Authorities across the country that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to music provision in a particular year. Paritor’s sponsorship of the awards will add prestige and value for the winners and help boost the profile of the awards at a time when music provision at local authority level faces the challenges of public spending cuts”.


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