26 May 2011

Local Authority Music Education Awards: England

Email: info@nationalmusiccouncil.co.uk

Registered Charity: 249178

May 2011

The Director of Children’s, Young People’s and Families’ Services in England & Wales

(Education Authorities in Scotland have received a separate letter)

cc Head of Music Service

Dear Colleague

The National Music Council Local Authority Music Education Awards 2011

The National Music Council (NMC) Local Authority Music Education Awards scheme recognises those authorities that are able to demonstrate imaginative, inclusive and all round high-quality music provision in a particular year. The Music Education Council continues to be formally associated with the scheme. And once again, Jazz Services as well as the PRS for Music Foundation will be looking to award Diplomas/Certificates of their own.

Please note that the Awards used to be known as the Local Education Authority Music Awards – we have slightly changed the name this year in order to conform to DCSF nomenclature.

As in previous years, the 2011 Awards (relating to the 2010/11 financial year) are being organised with the support of and assistance from the Federation of Music Services and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities.

The combined support of all the various partners enables the NMC to improve the possibilities for publicising and celebrating the achievements of the winning authorities and highlighting good practice through:

· a ceremony to which the following will be invited: representatives of the winning authorities; a representative of every submitting authority; key opinion formers linked to the music industry and music education (including all Council members); and representatives of the media

· broadening the dissemination of the report detailing the activities of those authorities recognised during the year (using electronic means)

In 2011, as in previous years, the Awards will take the form of a major trophy and diplomas of merit. The major trophy will be awarded to the authority that demonstrates the most substantial overall commitment to music during the year in question, given the resources at its disposal, and the questionnaire has been drawn up in such a way as to enable recognition by diploma to be accorded also to those authorities whose policies and practices are worthy of special acknowledgement.

For the avoidance of doubt, we can confirm that in our deliberations we take full account of the resources available to and the size of the LAs/Music Services making submissions.

Local Authorities are now invited to make submissions for the 2011 Awards using the questionnaire attached to this email. The questionnaire has been substantially revised and simplified this year: in many cases the information requested will be available in other documentation, and we have tried to ensure that the process is as easy as possible whilst remaining consistent with our need to treat all authorities fairly and obtain the requisite information.

A copy of the report in respect of the previous year’s Awards can be accessed via the MusicEd website, www.musiced.org.uk under the Magazine section.

I confirm that, as always, a submission in the name of a semi-autonomous unit within an authority – be it called a music service, agency, trust or foundation for music – will be most welcome. In all cases, submissions must be made using the questionnaire, and please note that we are no longer able to accept printed copies. The completed questionnaires must be emailed by 6pm on Friday 12 August 2011 to:


Any questions or queries should please be directed to the same email address.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Robin Osterley

Chair of the Music Awards Panel

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