17 March 2011

Hints & Help: Subsidies and Invoices

I would like to start the Hints & Help blog this week by saying hello to our latest customers Swindon Music Service, who decided to join the Paritor group earlier this week. This is the first blog they will have read so I hope they find it useful! The subject this week is on Subsidies, setting them up and how they are shown on Invoices.

The first stage to applying a Subsidy to a pupil’s tuition is to set up the Subsidy itself, to do this you need to go to Finance on the Menu bar, click the Subsidy icon and click New Subsidy. The following box will appear:


Enter the name, select whether or not you want the Subsidy to be limited to a set number of terms and enter either a percentage or an amount.

Once this has been done you can apply this Subsidy to a pupil’s tuition, for more information on how to do this, contact Paritor Support and will send you a guide and talk you through the process.

Once the Subsidy has been applied you will be ready to do your billing. It is important to note that the Subsidy for the School is calculated after the Payer’s invoice has been raised. Therefore when you calculate School Billing, the Subsidy will not be shown on the charge until the Payer Billing has been calculated and the Invoice Raised. If you raise the School Invoice first the Subsidy WILL NOT SHOW!

If you have any queries or thoughts please comment, email support@paritor.co.uk or call us on 01395 445092. The Hints & Help Blog will return next week with more useful information.

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