24 March 2011

Hints & Help: Setting up a School Billing Adjustment

The Hints and Help blog this week is all about setting up and applying a School Billing Adjustment to a school. A Billing Adjustment behaves similarly to a Credit, however it is applied directly to the School’s Record Card. It can be done in 4 easy steps.

1. Open a school record

The first step is to open up the School in in question’s Record Card.

Menu Bar -> Tuition -> Schools -> {Select School}

2. Create New School Billing Adjustment

The Billing Adjustment tab is to the right of the Ledger tab, from here you can see all Billing Adjustments applied to the school, you can edit any previous adjustments by selecting the adjustment and clicking the Edit School Billing Adjustment icon.

{Select School} -> Billing Adjustment -> New School Billing Adjustment


3. Specify Details

Get the adjustment you want from the available options


4. Click Apply Changes

Click Apply Changes to apply the Adjustment and then Save and Close.


Please note that the School Billing Adjustment will not take effect until you have Calculated School Billing and raised your Invoices.

I hope you found the blog informative. If you have any thoughts or queries please comment or contact us at Support@Paritor.co.uk or call 01395 445092.

Thanks for reading, the Hints and Help blog will return next week.

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