10 March 2011

Hints & Help: Pupil Lesson Durations

Hi all, the Hints & Help Blog this week is based on a Support Ticket that raised a question that we all thought would be relevant to everyone else.

A customer noticed that, although lesson durations are certain amount, when you go to add a pupil to the activity the default pupil duration is not the same as the lesson’s. Should the duration on the pupil's record not automatically feed from the schedule?

The answer was as follows:

The default pupil duration is taken from the charge applied to them rather than the lesson duration.The reason is because the pupils sometimes are not in the lesson for the entire duration (e.g the lesson is 1 hour long but one pupil is in for the first 30 minutes and another is in for the remaining 30). It is also important to note that, although that is the default, it is still simple to manually change the duration per pupil.

I hope that you have found this week’s Hints & Help blog interesting, if you have any questions or thoughts please comment or email us at support@paritor.co.uk for more information.

Thanks for reading and the Hints & Help blog will return next week.

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