3 March 2011

Hints & Help: Capabilities of Paritor Insight

Hello all. The Hints & Help blog this week is a demonstration of our built in data manipulation tool – Paritor Insight.

This particular example comes from a Support Ticket raised this week by a customer keen to use the software to it’s full potential. This customer wanted to run a report to show the number of Pupil's who continued into small group/individual lessons following on from a KS2 Scheme last year.

The reply was as follows: Go to Pupils, Pupil Analysis and select KS2IVT. Select the pupils continuing analysis. Select the year and then click on start process. This will show all the pupils in Wider Opps and the last column will show if they have continued. If you click on the summary button (Sigma) on the penultimate column and select Average you will get the average continuation. You can then grab column headings to group by any and see the average for that group. So if you want to get the average continuation by gender drag the Gender column to the group area above. From here you could produce a report or any number of graphs and pie charts should you wish to.

Although the specific need issue raised in this ticket may not be relevant for everyone, the use of Paritor Insight definitely is. If you have questions or thoughts please comment or contact us on 01395 445092 or email support@paritor.co.uk.

The Hints & Help Blog will return next week. Thank you for reading.

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