8 February 2011

Service with a Smile

Over the past few weeks I seem to have spent more nights in hotels than at home. Business as they say is good with more and more Music services are showing an interest in Ensemble. So despite moans from my family wondering when their father will be home, I can’t complain. On the other hand when it comes to hotels complain I do, whenever they do not match my expectations or rather the expectation they have planted when they display themselves on a web site and extract the credit card number. Tonight I am staying at the Huddersfield Central Lodge, nothing special but a reasonable price, clean and spacious. So why should I mention its name in a blog, well it’s not the Dorchester or the Savoy but the service is excellent, a welcome smile when I arrived and I was immediately given the impression that nothing was too much trouble. Within an hour of being in my room I had a personal note from the manager welcoming me to the hotel and again reinforcing the service they offer in a friendly way.

All this just goes to show that it doesn’t matter where about in your marketplace you operate, down at the discount level or up at the very expensive level, service matters. In a modern, competitive world the business that puts service at the top of the list will be the business that succeeds. The next time I visit this area I won’t need to look for a hotel I will just book this one. The logic applies to the provision of education and for that matter software solutions.


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