22 February 2011

New project: Yamaha Class Band

In January 2011 an exciting new music education project called 'Yamaha Class Band' - a whole-class wind band teaching collaboration betweenYamaha Music Europe UK and leading music services, in Staffordshire and Coventry - was unveiled. Class Band, aimed at beginners in Year 6 and Year 7, took its first steps with a Yamaha-led teacher training workshop in Tamworth in January 2011 and the launch of six pilot Class Band projects in Coventry and Staffordshire.

Class Band uses entirely Yamaha instruments, whose reputation for build quality, reliability and playability has been central to the project's 15-year success in other European countries. Though they may be a little more expensive to buy, the Yamaha instruments will typically last for many more years. They are easier to blow and require fewer costly repairs than the cheaper imports which have plagued schools and music services in recent times. The Class Band project partners receive teacher training, support and networking opportunities with other Class Band teachers across Europe. In addition Yamaha UK plans to involve some of its national and international brass and woodwind artists to inspire teachers and learners. The project will also provide performance opportunities for the young bands and eventually exchange trips with Class Bands in other countries.

Further details about the project are available at: http://bit.ly/h10P6b

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