18 February 2011

Hints & Help: Setting up an Email Signature in the software

Welcome to the weekly Hints & Help blog. The topic this week is emails, specifically Signatures. For those of you who don’t know, signatures are the stock text that go at the bottom of all of your emails.

To set them up in the software you need to go to your User Record either via Users > {Select User} or by clicking on the My Details icon on the Ribbon Menu.


Once this has opened go to the Signature tab and from here you will be able to write your signature.


There are a few editing options (Bold, Underline, Colours and Font) if you want something more individual then you can write it in word and copy it in to the signature window. Please note that if your font is too extravagant (Non Standard Font) then the software may not recognise it and therefore it will not appear correctly on your emails.

Once your signature has been saved on your user record you need to restart the software to implement the change and then every time you send an email it will have your specific signature at the bottom. Note that the signature will only show in Rich Text format if you click the Rich Text icon

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to comment or contact us on support@paritor.co.uk or 01395 445092.

The Hints & Help blog will return next week with information on our next update!

The Paritor Team


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  5. Is there any option of using rich media elements with the signature?

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